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  1. Happy Birthday voy74656!

  2. Happy Birthday voy74656!

  3. Happy Birthday voy74656!

  4. Happy Birthday voy74656!

  5. Happy Birthday voy74656!

  6. Did this end up getting sorted? Would b sik 2 know wtf it was? I've got the same problem - cant hear the relay click when I press the foggies button. Parkers & fog lights both don't work? Have replaced all 3 fuses/relays above & no luck? Voy
  7. Why hello!!!!

    How are we today???

    Yes I know it's unbelieveable but I have gotten on the net!! yay

    see u soon!!

  8. I dont think precious is upto a fordfanz cruze atm - she needs her service from MrX...
  9. Yeah - precious has new rimz...finally - only took 2 years to get the fkn things! 19's fill out the arches nicely. Havn't taken her for a hillz run yet so will be takin it easy till I get a feel for the rubber.
  10. 1 bloosted 2 Uterous 3 Shauny 4 GUN 5 shoe 6 goblin 7 XR6IXT 8 TEDracing-maybe 9 menis 10 voy *waves to all*
  11. Mum n Dad would probably know the name. Hope to see u on a fordfans cruze soon!
  12. Touche! I'm from Moorook! Livin in Adelaide now but family's still on the farm - What area u in???
  13. can the mods plz stop princesing & come along to teh cruise n have a great time like the rest of us wanna!!! plz repost the cruze map so we can stick to the origional route. VOY HAS SPOKEN THIS CRUZE IS STILL A GOER PPL!!!! C U ALL @ LIQUORLAND 2MORROW MORNING!!! B)
  14. Yup - an isolator that removes the rippling noise by capacitively coupling into an op amp, configured as a buffer via unity gain on an inverting input which outputs the incoming audio signal to a 180 degree copy but out of phase with the origional input TOTALLY SIMPLE!! why didnt I think of that....
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