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    sun, beach and plenty of T T's
  1. curious

    Diff Clunk Not The Diff

    two new drive shafts, clunk gone..... now just got to get it from popping out of second.. ahhhhhhhhh
  2. curious

    Coasting Fuel Shut-off

    I suffer this problem as well and have been battling with Ford over it. They say throttle body. I say there is already a new one in there. Its in the shop now having drive shafts, control, module etc replaced and will let him know this theory. However mine not only surges but it feels like it splutters and looses total power. I push the accelerater down with no response then bang she kicks in. The response I got was .... I didnt do it for us sorry!!!!!!!!!!! I said I dont care it does it for me so fix it. Sorry to say had my mates ss ute for three days while its being fixed and I love it. I may be switching back shortly.
  3. curious

    Interesting Topic Over At Nissan Silvia Forums

    Bias gets everyone everytime. The T has made a name for its self despite what anyone thinks. Beside those Silvias just look plain crap. Im six foot six and have trouble putting my left toe in one. The T has plenty of room and peformance. You get out of it scratch your nuts burp and think your proud to be aussie
  4. curious

    Renew My Faith

    Unfortunately I live in the Far North where there is only one dealer and for this very reason the lack of competion makes for poor service. As for a Japanese car...I would love to but the fact of being 6 foot 6 puts a dampener on things. Aussie cars are the only ones big enough without going to trucks or 4x4's. I love my car and its performance but being purchased brand new and less than a year old and having dramas is totally unacceptable in this day and age. Their are so many threads on this but I needed to vent my anger the other day and there is no better way than with people who know how I feel . I have seen an individual turbo company and we are going to map it to see if we can pick up the faults. I heard a rumour that another member from here did the same and they could not pick the fault and now he is driving a brand new car.
  5. curious

    Renew My Faith

    Fellow brothers and sisters I love this car and the peformance behind it. I defected after many years of the mighty lion to purchase ths vehicle. 30,000k's later I am dogged by problem after problem. 3 times in three weeks in the shop. Ford back up is woeful. The vehicle has rattles and clunks like a 10 year old car which is shameful when driving in carparks. Turbo surge, stalling at 100km's and hour, diff clunk, power steering rattles and moans. Cracked panels, headlight falling a part, throttle body gone, throttle sensor gone. Now when I down shift in 2nd an almighty bang and she pops out of gear. 3 times today. I am so close to throwing a match under it and returning to an R8. Please cure this anger...........plus the bloody I key on my keyboard crapped its self too, where is the serenity.
  6. curious

    Xr6 Turbo Vs Skylines

    how about the proton jumbuck vs the pursuit, phat....notice the ph in there, sick notice the....... um its still spelt the same sorry
  7. curious

    Check This Out, It's A Cracker!

    Jatz just stupid
  8. curious

    Does This Seem Right To You

    Have fun with your nine grand 120Y
  9. curious


    mate you cant go past the grand caravan
  10. curious

    Three Xr's Reqiured For Wedding

    sure no bluepirnt, it will bring out her eyes
  11. curious

    Would You Buy A 't' Again?

    well picked up the brand new work one the other dayand drove it down the highway, within 2 hundred k's three litres of oil was gone, now the engine is in pieces with 800k's on the clock... damn disgraceful
  12. curious

    Anthony Mundine

    He was always a fool but after his commnets on September 11 he needs a good flogging and im sure some of the boys are itching to get their hands on him when he dawns a jersey again. Aslong as my beloved cowboys dont touch him. He wants the attention and he will get it.
  13. curious

    Running In

    mine used over a litre of oil in the first 3000. dealer said it was normal. hasnt touched a drop since.
  14. curious

    Traction Control Dis-engaging

    I would have thought if you want to play with the power learn to drive it. System of car control..... learn it.
  15. curious

    Ive Been Dating This Bird For A Few Mths

    Also your the Alpha male....take a stand

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