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  1. Happy Birthday FGXR6TUTE!

  2. Yes, my (Vic) dealer kindly disabled mine for me at the first inspection. Similar situation, I would drive from the carpark at the rear of work, to the front gate, stop, get out and lock the gate, etc. What amazed me was that even once the vehicle had stopped, I put it in Park and opened the door to get out to lock the gate it would continue to keep dinging away until the belt was fastened. The belt warning light still comes on but no audible alarm.
  3. Mine wasn't there from new otherwise it would have been reported at the first service / inspection (3k km?). I'd guess it has shown up since ~10k km, now on 22k km. Mine is definitely related to engine rpm and load, I.e. it only does it once engines at normal operating temp, stationary in drive when the a/c cuts in.
  4. I jacked mine up on some ramps last week, and had someone sit in the ute, in drive, a/c on and foot on the brake. As I expected, the noise was coming from the handbrake cables as per Nolz pic above. Nothing had come unclipped, however the 2 cables had rotated in the clip (which can be seen in the picture) and the 2 cables were touching each other. I twisted each cable within the clip so they would stay aprat and that stopped it briefly. Unfortunately the vibration has come back although not as bad as it was. I think the vibration is induced by the resonance of the exhaust (all stock).
  5. I installed the SuperPro upper bushes Thursday night as the vibration problem seemed to get worse and more common in the hotter weather. The OE bushes had been doing a fair bit of back and forth movement as witnessed by the shiny marks on the inside edges of the brackets. So far a touch more vibration noticed on coarse roads, steering feels a little more direct particularly just off centre, and no vibration while braking. The OE bushes can be pressed out of the arm, and in fact are a rubber bush with alloy centre sleeve moulded in a plastic outer sleeve, yes plastic.
  6. What location would we have to show you? Probably need a hoist handy to see what's going on.
  7. Did you only fit the SuperPro upper bushes, or have you fitted the lower ones too? Have you noticed any additional NVH caused by the stiffer bushes, as well as the increased feel? And yes, the upper brackets fitted to the body do look rather weak.
  8. Stopped at the local dealer while out today. Both 6 pot FPV's in the showroom had the washers as discussed. Spoke to spare parts, nothing mentioned in the parts catalogue at all. Incidentally, you can't buy the upper control arm bushes seperately, you can only buy a complete upper arm assy. She went and spoke to the service guys and was told that they had only ever installed the washers to 2 offending vehicles, and that only the workshop can order the parts via the FPV rep who has to inspect the offending vehicle first. The SuperPro bush set is looking good I think.
  9. A better picture to show location of where the washer is installed.
  10. Thanks again Bunna for your explanation, I can see now the washer idea is/was a patch job. The new "FPV unique" replacement upper arm... It will be interesting to have a look at one, however I can only assume the bush end will be different to accomodate a different size or style of bush, any other change will alter the geometry. I see SuperPro have a replacement upper inner control arm bush set for the FG (part no. SPF3226F) which possibly may be worth a try. XR09 makes a valid point re. different pad / rotor combos, however I would assume that Prodrive would have looked at that rather than casting a new arm(s).
  11. Bunna, thanks for your response, much appreciated. However could you advise more precisely where this 100mm dia. washer goes? You say it's longevity is rather short, I assume it's not made of steel but from a poly material, perhaps it slips in between the arm and the brackets which bolt to the inner guard, I assume to effectively stiffen the apper bushes?
  12. Zap, you said the dealer replaced the upper control arm bushes, however that was not the final fix. Have you had any further experience, did you get the sqeak fixed?
  13. Has anyone had any further advances on this topic of brake vibrations with 6 pot Brembo's? I've had my 6 pot / 2 pot setup on the ute for ~10k km now and am experiencing the dreaded vibration. The most common is a slight vibration (more noise than actually felt) at slow speeds (eg. car parks) while turning right, and seems to be coming from the RH front wheel. But I have also had a more major vibration at higher speeds (I.e. 60 - 80km/h) while pulling up for traffic lights and in a straight line. Has anyone with an FPV had their dealer find a fix?
  14. I have a rattle / vibration in D while stationary too, and I don't believe it's the exhaust. If I pull the handbrake on the vibration goes away, maybe some of you can try that to see if it's the same problem as mine?
  15. And how many of you have had your inlet manifold re-torqued at the 15,000km service? Was it noted on the invoice? It's listed in the service book as being required at every 15k service on turbo models. I'm curious as it seems excessive (I.e. every 15k km) and an awkward job, although I did find mine loose at 15,000km.
  16. Hi Mick, I used 6mm (1/4") dynaliner which is probably the max. you could get away with. The rear wall trim doesn't quite sit as far back as it used to but has no ill effect, I.e. it's only me that would notice, it doesn't look wrong or anything. Back vents... When you switch the HVAC to recirc you can definitely notice the fan change and hear the extra air move so I guess it is slightly restrictive. It doesn't seem to effect the way it works though. I believe the speakers are much better, but it depends on your expectations. When you remove the OE speaker you'll see why even a tin can would sound better. One day I'll get around to replacing the front speakers as well, with some dynamat on the inside of the door and maybe one of those Focal self contained subs under the passengers seat. Roof trim is fiddly, not hard. Keep your hands clean. You need to remove the A pillar trims, sunvisors, clips, rear hooks, rear light, etc. The front light stays with the lining from memory.

    Bf Xr6t Brakes

    In my post above I was talking about utes in particular with the change in rear caliper location (when the rotor size changed), I don't know that it's applicable to sedans or not.
  18. Installed mine yesterday, no shudders or anything nasty found as yet. :D

    Bf Xr6t Brakes

    I've seen this before while looking into my brake upgrade. It appears that during the last year of the BF II, the rears on turbo's and V8's were downgraded to the solid 303mm, which is the same spec as FG equivalent models. While checking pictures of BF II XR6 & 8 utes on carsales, the 328mm rear calipers can be seen mounted at 10 or 2 o'clock, whereas the 303mm calipers are mounted at 9 or 3 o'clock, just like FG models.


    Please elaborate, coolant temp or oil temp (high oil temp causes the engine to derate IIRC)? Do you have the police pack engine oil cooler?
  21. Do both vehicles have the same transmissions, as gear ratios will effect the figures?
  22. Has anyone had any success solving this issue yet?
  23. Secondary symptom will be the "hot oil" smell as the turbo lube line rubs through and sprays engine oil around the front of the engine. I still have the 2 clips, but have found one unclipped on 2 occasions.
  24. I have a stock FG XR6T ute, looking to upgrade to 6 pot front and the single pot PBR rears (which I already have purchased). My master cylinder is "B227-121", the Super Pursuit ute at the Melb. Motorshow was a B227-129 so there is a difference in master cylinders. On the PBR site http://www.pbr.com.au/shop/all.shtml the utes and sedans are different, (and there's also a manufacturing date range change too), according to that both my ute and the Super Pursuit ute have sedan master cylinders! The booster was also quite obviously different in design too.
  25. You don't mention what model you have, but I'm guessing it's a 2007? It's come to my attention that Ford down spec'ed the rear brakes on XR6Ts and XR8's, from the Performance 328mm down to the 303mm solids.
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