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  1. Happy Birthday neo_nick!

  2. Happy Birthday neo_nick!

  3. Happy Birthday neo_nick!

  4. Happy Birthday neo_nick!

  5. Happy Birthday neo_nick!

  6. neo_nick

    Reward $5000

    Taken from http://www.calaisturbo.com.au/showthread.p...p;highlight=xtc What sort of performance business has a dodgy alarm that allows people to get in the workshop without setting it off when they first get in. Not to mention no insurance for theft when you have customers cars and products there. Hope no members cars from here where there, as I wouldn't be leaving my car anywhere near a business that cant insure it
  7. So will you fill in next time? once every 4 years youc ant be bothered doing 70 questions! Just fill it with inaccurate crap so at least you get a laugh from it when you fill it in!
  8. Best bet wpould be to ask the QLD FPV XR club if they can ask there members
  9. Yeah Darren @ FTG Auto salvage did that to chowcase the products they have and what can be done, Was on display at FPV open day and sold the week after. The new owner also has a very unique au wagon which has a 5.6L T3 motor in it I believe they will have a new project on the way soon in eithe rthe form of a typhoon territory, GT territory or GT focus!
  10. Whoops my mistake! 250 a side I meant!
  11. Really! You have to egt in touch with suspension shops that do repiurs for panel beaters - If they are straight, they will buy them for 275 a side any day of the week
  12. Nah you have under rated everything there -FTG sells 270 engines for 10g, brakes would sell at 3g, seats 3g, icc conversion 1500, Diff $850-1g But you would be sittingon most things for a while - unles syoud eal with suspension joints or panel beaters who would purchase lower arms etc as they are worth about 2509 a side second hand, along with the stubs being worth that a side also. Easy repairer if you know a panel beater or have access to cheap parts - and bang you have a cheap typhoon for 25-30
  13. I think we all know which place it will end up if its a wrecker!
  14. It will go for 15 its a repairer

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