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  1. Happy Birthday Miyagi!

  2. Happy Birthday Miyagi!

  3. Happy Birthday Miyagi!

  4. Happy Birthday Miyagi!

  5. Happy Birthday Miyagi!

  6. Hrmm now that I think about it I probably have gotten about 50 to 70K out of them from installation... pretty happy with that given I did my best to givem a hard time. if you don't mind me asking what did they set you back and what are the codes? Cheers, Miyagi
  7. completely agree they made a meal of the exhaust tips...
  8. well we've got our first mondeo xr5t owner waiting patiently for their new arrival over in our neck of the woods... I think the tdci is going to be a big seller... class leading mid-size diesel = a lot of sense for conservative buyers
  9. /me resurrects an ollllld thread. So I need to replace the front pads on my PBR Performance kit.... any recommendations from current owners? Cheers, Miyagi
  10. Jump to the full article here! Let's hope Geneva next year DOES indeed present the new Focus AND RS launched... and then it makes its way to Australia.
  11. Fiesta ST (XR4) getting around the Ring! --> LINK!
  12. *shameless plug* plenty of tech n spec available here --> LINK!
  13. Whilst some cars have already run out to excited individuals the Ford Fiesta XR4 officially went on sale today. :thumbup: I'm not going to beat around the bush, I've started up www.FordXR4.com and if you're interested in keeping tabs on all the Media Coverage that'll be coming out then keep an eye out as I'll be running tabs on them... here! If you're keen on the car itself, swing past and say g'day. I'm hoping it'll grow into another great little corner of the internet. Ford have got great coverage now across the XR range.
  14. Miyagi

    Mt Macedon Cruise

    A great cruise with both factions of the Ford XR*T crew behaving admirably and enjoying each others company. There was certainly no heatsoak suffered by anyone on the cruise! :banghead: A big thanks to Daniel and Gary for accommodating the XR5T invasion, we'll be looking to book more cruises together. What a sight it was bringin up the rear and watching a sea of tail lights snaking through the night.
  15. Miyagi

    Mt Macedon Cruise

    Looks like we have a couple of late inclusions so XR5T numbers are in the 20-21 vacinity. I'll be the person driving a BluePrint XR6T with a complete identity crisis (FordXR5Turbo.com sticker on it)!
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