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  1. Happy Birthday Rik_Biel!

  2. Happy Birthday Rik_Biel!

  3. Happy Birthday Rik_Biel!

  4. Happy Birthday Rik_Biel!

  5. On the Freeway sth bound tonight I was surrounded by F6's ! To my left was an orange and black one in "Financecorp" livery The other in front of me was a black one Thought it might have been somebody heading for the Plex but they got off at Gibbs Road
  6. anything that's not blue print is not cool. ← Bionic - Son & Heir of Blueprint
  7. I think there would be too much sheet metal on a Terri to look good in Bionic - it's just nota sleek shape I love my sleek sedan in Bionic though
  8. I heard an ad on the radio for a "Ford vs Holden" show at the Claremont Showgrounds July 9/10 Anybody else know anything about this?
  9. I didn't think Terri's came in Bionic.....cool
  10. Got the letter....94 in an 80 zone - $100 and 1 point Saw a hot Toxic GT-P on the pamphlet for the BP Ultimate contest 1 Scratchie if you fill $5 or more But not one ticket for every $5 I'm going to do a series of $5 fills tomorrow
  11. And I bet you were "wrapped" in it just like I am with mine
  12. I get "Baby Blue" - but I love my colour
  13. Does it come in Bionic? I like Bionic
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