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  1. I have done 307,000 since new now in the G6ET. Thinking of selling in the near future though. [emoji22]
  2. Unfortunately I have the 3.5 single damn it..
  3. Ahh bugger, I was hoping from after the cat it wouldn't affect it so much. Hmmm, need to have a rethink now haha. Over the noise.
  4. My lord that would be a monster to drive! Hey would a tuned car with a full xforce system require a retune if I was to go back to a stock cat back exhaust?
  5. I held on to my stock mufflers for 4 years, and threw them out last year.. now I have a baby and want to quieten my XForce exhaust and here I am kicking myself haha
  6. Yes thanks again mate, I'll be in contact soon about the front suspension. The old girl needs the hip replacement soon haha
  7. Fun fact, I wanted to replace the G6ET bumper insert with an XT one, and have a hidden dump pipe (just for something different RELAX) however it's a completely different shape and would require a straight swap of bumpers.
  8. I heard that a bevelled, squashed, octogon shape hole will yield better results on someone's backyard dyno that no one has proof of. Something about vortices and the angle of airflow 😄
  9. Upgraded to a Flip phone looking pic 😕
  10. You know I was looking at that and thinking.. I posted that 12 years ago back when we used potatoes to take photos!
  11. So I have lurked this forum for 12+ years and over of AFF for 15, and the amount of knowledge people have shared is incredible, and one of the main names that I have always seen is @JETURBO sharing his wealth of knowledge. My G6ET had surpassed 304,000kms and I have been getting fed up trying to find the right place I can trust to have any work done on her. Also now due to her age and miles, I feel I needed to find someone who actually cares about the car in front of them. WHY THE FORK has it taken me so long to have Aaron go over my car?! I've been reading this thread for years haha. He is so thorough and respects the persons driving style and the car. Whether you are a grandpa driver or a racer, he has got you covered which ever way you automotively swing. My car is now feeling all tightened up and running smoothly after feeling very grumpy the last very months. I look forward to having @JETURBO have his way with her in the near future with a couple of little upgrades to keep her running onto 500,000kms. Thanks again mate!
  12. My 2009 G6ET is sitting just over 304,000kms. Still going alright, despite a few grumpy mornings 😄
  13. Oh yes those good old hard to reach bolts.. they have to be loose on mine but I can't reach them haha.
  14. As exciting as all the mods are and were for me (325rwkw) sound deadening the cabin was an extra little thrill on top of it all. Improved my sound system and cut out alot of road noise. I hop in a non sound proofed falcon and think something is wrong with it haha.
  15. Moving house and covid meant that workouts in the home gym were put on hold. I now have half of it set up and I'm getting back into the swing of things, AMEN for muscle memory!
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