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  1. Happy Birthday BPRacing!

  2. Happy Birthday BPRacing!

  3. I have purchased a set of stage2 coyote cams from the US to put into our 315GS Ute. I will report the results once tested and tuned once our new dyno test cell is finished and will post some dyno graphs.
  4. Happy Birthday BPRacing!

  5. Happy Birthday BPRacing!

  6. Happy Birthday BPRacing!

  7. thanks for your comments To Put spanner in the works the car has 6Pot Brembos on front and may need clearance. I don't want to run spacers, as I plan on using the car for the odd track day. Plus Spacers are illegal in Vic for road use. However I have use wheel adaptors with studs in past without any issues. Can anyone tell me if the sedan and ute are using the same or different offsets when large rims are fitted. ? I had the thought the ute could go a little larger on the rim size over the sedan.? Keep in mind my FG is a UTE.!
  8. Hi guys I'm considering to purchase a set of Enkei GTC01 for my FPV GS Ute but confused about offsets and which will fit the best. http://enkei.com/gtc01.html Enkei make the rim in the below format 20x 8.5 40+ 20x 9.5 38+ 20x10 30+ 20x10.5 18+ I would like to run 245 Rubber on the front and 285 or 295 on rear. Does anyone have rims fitted to FG ute in the same combo and info about offsets. Your comments would be apreciated. Regards Matt BPRacing
  9. High Intake temps as a result of the continuouse dyno runs will contribute to a lower dyno figure in the final result. Run it up cold may allow the car to produce additional 10rwkw
  10. The Lurker Correct 8Psi will see 260-270rwkw but as you can see the additional low dowm RPM boost has increased power and torque in a hugh way in the lower RPM range where the power can be used on the road. This tune Hits 14Psi and holds 10-11Psi. The factory actuator is doing good job to hold 10Psi where most I have seen drop off to 7-8Psi.
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