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  1. Happy Birthday Brocher!

  2. Happy Birthday Brocher!

  3. Happy Birthday Brocher!

  4. Happy Birthday Brocher!

  5. FG Falcon Is Here!

    Cushi, What dealership did you order the car from?
  6. FG Falcon Is Here!

    Hi there - Newbie here! Just arrived in Oz, and away to order a XR6 Turbo (Can't believe it is a Ford, BTW - what a car - Fords in the UK or US are not this quality!) Want to order an EGO XR6T Auto with the shadow Fabric, Tech pack, Premium Audio, Camera and Reverse sensing and the Safety Pack. With no trade in, car from Perth, WA, what Drive away should I be aiming for? Is there any on-line retailers I should be looking at? Sorry if I have posted this in the wrong topic, but it seems you guys are getting some good prices - and I would like some of that too!! Thanks :flameman:

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