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  1. Happy Birthday typhoon_freak!

  2. Happy Birthday typhoon_freak!

  3. Happy Birthday typhoon_freak!

  4. Happy Birthday typhoon_freak!

  5. block the holes where the oil drains down too. incase u drop something into the sump. them little retainers are very fiddly.
  6. doesnt it sh*t ya off when its .1kw off a whole number. awsome result man. there unreal on the street with 400+ kw enjoy
  7. yeah there was some black lines left on the rollers lol we looked at what the engine made on the dyno.. and that was around 1200hp lol
  8. We had her strapped down pretty good. Rear suspension is a bit soft so that's y she climbs up. But it was never going to jump out. We needed more rpm. That's that sudden jerk towards the end. U can see the dynosheet it sorta stops around 65-6700rpm. And it still wanted more power. We were running low on fuel. And we plan to go back at it to clean her up in the tune.
  9. had another retune today on c16, managed to pull 1031.5hp or 769.2kw. big thanks to clinton from profile autosports for dialing in the numbers here is the video if it works?
  10. oh that was just my pump fuel tune too
  11. Ran it at the drags tonite. On street tyres just 180$ cheapies. Ran a 11.2 @ 136 mph with a 2.2 60ft. Pretty happy with that result.

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