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  1. Happy Birthday Farkwiz!

  2. Happy Birthday Farkwiz!

  3. Happy Birthday Farkwiz!

  4. Happy Birthday Farkwiz!

  5. Hey guys thanks for your help. I wanted to fix this one myself but it got the better of me lol. So I took it to Direct Clutch Services in Albony, Brisbane. They were a great help as I was not an easy customer (being short on time as I traveled from Mackay to Brisbane and need to be back home in time for work) It turns out the pressure plate was broken and holding the clutch in (shifting issues, it was a wonder the fiber plate was not distroyed lol) and because I have a XR8 6 speed gear box (which I did not know about) which means it needs an adaptor (spigot bearing) for the input shaft as xr6T is 27 splin and xr8 is 11 I think. So the spigot bearing adaptor had about 1mm of play which was what was giving me the shudder. Its all good now. Thanks again to Direct Clutch Services for doing such a great help
  6. Doesnt matter if clutch is in or out or what gear is selected while driving, when the car hits the 5000 RPM the shudder kicks in, car still feels fine, nothing breaks down, no power drain but does sound like its over reving
  7. Its a BF typhoon motor (not that makes much difference) 600rwkw atomic build, all custom intercool and intake (simlar to the Type R) new 84cc VDO injectors, top mount 35/40 high flowed, with a t56 mal wood close ratio box with his twin plate clutch to suit with 3.91 diff ratio, going to run E85 but want to sort this problem before dyno :( its not miss fire. When is was retuned nothing came up on the computer to say there was any det issues. Something feels out of balance...
  8. Hi everyone, I have a issue that I cant seem to fault! I have what feels like axel tram through the drive line of my bf xr6 atomic build motor. It happens while driving and or stand still with the clutch in. I have checked engine mounts, compression tested, visual check of clutch. Had it retuned but only soften it and brought it closer to 4500 rpm. Any ideas would be great. My gear box wont expect gears as well when hot but I dont think this is link in any way(its got new oil in clutch and gear box). Just get stiff at higher rpm wont going in, have to just wait for a half second for it to drop in.
  9. I have now just hit 240k while driving to work today, guess what! 5th gear lets go at 110km/h, limped her home in 4th :( but now gives me reason to upgrade to new 6 speed and a couple days off work. anyone know of any good place to get new gearboxs
  10. oct 03 ba xr6t just rolling over 195k now. brought second hand with 30k on the clock in july 05. best run I ever did was from goldcoast to rocky 700ks to 65lts on bp ult with factory tune. replaced clutch, gear box (fulty 5 speed under warrenty), brake rotors now need replacing and throttle body has been cleaned a few times. She has treated me well

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