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  1. Happy Birthday Vebbers!

  2. Happy Birthday Vebbers!

  3. Happy Birthday Vebbers!

  4. Happy Birthday Vebbers!

  5. Happy Birthday Vebbers!

  6. Cheers buddy! I am on the forum...just havent been on for a while. I work down Mooroolbark way so pass through bayswater. Although, I must admit, it aint a turbo.
  7. Thanks Adam! That does look good, ill research that. Also, in my initial post by 'This system' I meant one I saw on ebay, but we arent allowed to link to ebay so im not sure how I can describe it. Its a black pipe going into a cylindrical carbon fibre filter thing that connects to the piping that goes to the throttle body. IF you search ebay for 'XR6 intake carbon' it should come up. Cheers!
  8. Hey guys, I used to have the XR6T upper snorkel and the F6 lower snorkel on my NA but recently I decided to ram the back of commonwhore. Also, I failed to mention to my insurance company that I had changed the intakes. Anyway, ive just got my car back(with the stock snorkel) and was looking for more ideas for CAI for the NAs as I didnt notice much of a change when I had first installed the XR6T/F6 system, so I thought I might try out some other ideas. What do people reccomend for a NA? Also, Has anyone seen/tried/used this system? It looks a bit dodgy/cheap to me but im no expert. Thanx guy
  9. Hey all, Firstly sorry if this question sounds stupid.. But, I wanted some details regarding the CAPA ford flasher, I have a N/A BFII with the mods in my sig and was wanting to tune it in the near future and thought since I will be getting a flash box then, I might as well get one now and use the preset tunes(which are supposed to provide limited gains) while I save up for a custom tune... The question is that do the preset tunes in the flasher get it to a certain power (kw) level or does it increase it by a certain level? I.e. does it get to 210 kw(hypothetical) (from factory 190) or does it
  10. that's not very encouraging.. Sorry to near n1ck! I did some more research, came up with 'Funky Customs' in Campbellfield, the website looks pretty good! Plus theyve been in business for about 15 years, gotta say something! If anyone has used/heard of this place (or any other place) please share your experience with them! Thanx in advance, Vebbers!
  11. Thanx guys! Got a pretty good quote from Phat customs.. Cheers, Vebbers
  12. Vebbers

    Brembo Upgrade?

    Mate im 20 (thus P-Plates) in Victoria and you can see all the mods in my sig except for a couple of things (which are soon to come) I have highly modded my N/A. Been next to millions of cops and have a cop as a mate that I have talked to about modding while on Ps. No one has any problems. Ive had the car like this for about 1 year now. Although, brembos would be a good idea, feel free to do minor mods like catback, lowering, rims, etc. Also, if all you want is the look of the brembos just get your calipers painted, shouldnt cost you more than $50-100 to get it professionally done! Furthermor
  13. haha..Dont worry, that thought came to mind but the bulge ive got is the 'custom' bulge which has the intake cut at the front, exactly like the XR8 bulge but which a slit at the front. I think it gives it a bit of unique look. its on the phat custom kits website. Thanks for the help guys.
  14. Hey, I bought a bulge that I wanted grafted/painted onto my bonnet but most panel beaters are not interested in even talking about grafting. A couple of bodykit shops said they might be able to do it but I was wondering if anyone here knows anyone who could do this for me for a reasonable price. So far ive been quoted $700 for grafting+painting. Cheers, Vebbers
  15. CRUISE LIST: TUFXRT6 F6RD F6_charlie Qikshiftybastard Jman POSSIBLES: YPURV4 PSIFPV Vebbers
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