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  1. Happy Birthday Outlaw357!

  2. Happy Birthday Outlaw357!

  3. Happy Birthday Outlaw357!

  4. Happy Birthday Outlaw357!

  5. Happy Birthday Outlaw357!

  6. No pics sorry as its not on yet! As our06T has said, if you have a intercooler it will be a drama. If you just have the air cond radiator up front..no probs?
  7. Here you go! http://cgi.ebay.com.au/AUTOMATIC-TRANSMISS...3QQcmdZViewItem Cheers,
  8. Hi guys, I purchased a PWR trans cooler with a BA fitting kit off ebay recently but have been a bit too crook latley to fit it. Comes with specific fitting kit for the BA & sits just off the radiator. It is advised to fit the cooler in front of drivers side thermo fan so that the cooler can still get air in traffic conditions. It must be remembered that the cooler will not have the benifit of the radiator coolant to help keep temp down in hot city traffic driving! So its a good idea to fit in front of 1 thermo fan. Some more expensive trans coolers come with their own thermo fans!..........B & M I think it is! Cheers,
  9. ROFL yeah I can relate to that, not big on patience myself!
  10. Thought this might blow some minds! Friggin Amazing eh? http://www.moyermade.com/chevyV8.html
  11. Has anyone done this mod? Just wondering the best way to remove rubber seal that runs along the top of side skirts? Cheers, Dave.
  12. Thanks for the welcome! I want the real deal as you say, what I have is a "Workshop Service Manual" I would like to get a "Repair Manual" Maybe you dont know the difference, Service manual only covers information Ford would use at service intervals. Repair Manual covers repairs of the vehicle. Sorry if I was not clear before.
  13. Do not buy these for your FORD BA- BF They dont fit-they are to small for even the standard BA caliper. The larger ones in the set will fit the rear with some cutting to them, but *Good luck keeping them on & *Good luck with the clean up when they melt all over your caliper like a mates did? I got a brand new set here that are no good to me at all Ok so dont take my word for it email a few of the people on ebay who have purchased them-Go to sellers feedback & find someone with a BA who has bought them.
  14. Outlaw357


    Yeah dito! 02 BA-xt purchased in 05 with 40,000kms @ 51,000kms all discs shuddering. Had 4 discs machined & new bendix Ultimates fitted. Car has 66,455kms & brakes are shaking the wheel out of my hands! $$ are tight (pensioner) So will fit DBA slotted on front-get raers machined again & go to a less aggresive pads. I think I might replace hubs&bearings as well- Is there better hubs&bearings to use other than the ford crap???????????
  15. This is info on how to clean! If attachment wont open PM me & will send to you. Cheers, David. Cleaning_the_Idle_Speed_Controller.doc
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