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  1. Happy Birthday Nutto!

  2. Happy Birthday Nutto!

  3. Happy Birthday Nutto!

  4. Happy Birthday Nutto!

  5. Happy Birthday Nutto!

  6. WA Spotted & Chit Chat Thread

    Spotted DR3AMER on shepperton rd in vic park just before the causeway, nice yellow F6.
  7. [wa] Bunbury Cruise 13th June

    Yer you can count me in on that. Who else is gonna go from up this end of the world (perth area)?
  8. WAW Ver2

    Speaking of which... When is that?
  9. WAW Ver2

    Yeah im thinking of going (weather permitting). Hopefully I can get sh*t sorted by wed. Would love to see what she does down the strip.
  10. 303rwkw

    Well done mate. What did u get done? Oh and to the 300+ Club
  11. 307.1 Rwkw

    Yeah mate it does. it comes with a cooler and piping kit.
  12. 307.1 Rwkw

    Im in with my first set of mods, thanks to Simon at XFT. Reached this with Stage 1+ Nizpro Kit Nizpro Injectors 4" Dump Pipe 5" High Flow Cat Twin 2 1/2 Inch Cat Back System Custom Tuned By Simon at XFT F6 Snorkel And made it to 307.1RWKW Really Appreciate all the work done by Smon at XFT, thanks mate.
  13. Single Or Twin Pod

    Definatley get 3 :D
  14. The Wa Cruise Ideas Thread

    Where ever and whenever. All suits me. Keep me posted on when and ill be there..
  15. WAW Ver2

    Pm sent to Adrian6T

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