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  1. Happy Birthday Driphta!

  2. Happy Birthday Driphta!

  3. Happy Birthday Driphta!

  4. Happy Birthday Driphta!

  5. yeah I thought that too! I got it looked at about 2 months ago and that is what it put out... I only bought the car about 4 months ago and the guy told me that it had a phase 3 kit on it and I have the invoices to prove it. The only thing is I was looking at their kits and mine looks like it has everything except the injectors are green! on their site they are red or purple? Keep in mind this was done in late 2004 so they may have changed it since then. It did have a unichip but apparently that got stolen so now it has the Capa Edit. I will talk to the guys at XFT and see what they think but at the moment I need to get the gearbox sorted first! Pretty sure now that it is the CSC but I just need to find someone that is going to help me take the gear box out or someone that I can pay to do it?
  6. Yeah I thought that it might have been the clutch at first but it still disengages and engages fine. The clutch is one of the Mal Woods twin plate clutch (apparently the person before me couldn't drive an liked slipping the clutch so he ruined the single plate one) It is definately a Mal Woods box but it was done about 4 years ago so they might not have had the alloy CSC when this one was installed. The reason that I ran with the redline oil in this was a recomendation by one of their dealers in Perth. I hope that it isn't the oil cuz that sh*t aint cheap! I am getting some Opinions tomorrow about it but so far everyone that has heard it has said that it could be a bearing, possibly inside the CSC? Thanks for your help!
  7. Hey Guys, I have been looking on the forum trying to find the solution but couldn't find anything like this... Last night as I was driving my car home I took of from a set of lights (easy as my girlfriend was in the car) and it made a clunk and then a very loud grinding noise! If I sit with my foot off of the clutch it sounds fine (makes a nocking noise sometimes but from what I have ready that is normal) but as soon as you put your foot on the clutch and try move it into gear it sounds like a bearing has lost it's balls ) if you know what I mean? it just sounds like metal on metal grinding! From what I have read it sounds like it is the CSC but I am after an experts opinion! I have limped it to work this morning trying not to change gear with the clutch and the actual gearbox seems fine... The clutch actually feels fine but just sounds wrong! I have read on the forum that people say these are noisy but I can't imagine this being normal! I think that the gearbox may be a Mal Wood gear box too but as I didn't change it I am not to sure! History on the car; It is a 2003 BA XR6T Ute that was originally an Auto that was converted to a Manual T56 the oil is Redline superlight weight which was only put in about a month ago. It is fitted with a APS Phase 3 kit and putting out about 280rwkw... Anything you can do to help would be most appreciated!
  8. Hmmm 6 x 12's in a ute! is that for competition or you just wanted to see if you could do it? Do you have a drawing or pictures of the 2 x 12's box? It would just save me some time if you did! You obviously do this often!
  9. Yeah I agree it looks great! I was just wondering if you have any problem with the sub hitting the back of the passenger seat? I am lookin at making a customer box like yours but having a sub on either side and the amps under the front seats... Any hints would be helpful!
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