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  1. Veyron Vincero http://www.autoblog.com/2008/12/19/mansory...veyron-vincero/
  2. I posted the same question here. Basically it's full time AWD with a 62:38 split between the rear/front wheels. Assuming you stopped the front wheels spinning then the rears would keep going. Pulling the ABS fuse would in theory also disable the DSC and prevent the system from trying to apply the rear brakes while the fronts were locked down from spinning freely. So the video in the original post may be legit but the consensus is that this method of tuning is not recommended. Either way I had already booked the Territory in at XFT last week to be done end of this week. Not sure if they know about the dyno update 'junkie' but I believe they will be 'road tuning' it.
  3. Simon at XFT doesn't tune Territory's on their available AWD dyno because they dance around and try to 'climb off' during dyno runs. Similar to this video (see first dyno run) There's an tuning outfit in Sydney that tunes Territory's on a 2WD dyno. Apparently this is done by removing the ABS fuse. Is this a common practice for other Ford tuners? What are the ramifications of tuning a Territory this way? ie Any strain on driveline components? Will the tune correctly match the characteristics of the vehicle once power is returned to all four wheels? Does anybody actually know why they move around this way on the dyno?
  4. MGR

    Picked Up G6et

    Really? Same A/R and trim? Spose the only other thing slowing the F6 down is the weight.
  5. MGR

    Picked Up G6et

    Never said the magazine articles did hold a great deal of weight - hence my specific mention of the 'few' magazine tests so far. KW results can also vary greatly from dyno to dyno - as well as ambient air temperatures during the dyno run also playing a role. The XR6T and the G6ET run identical engines, gearboxes, tyres and weigh virtually the same (the XR may be slightly lighter). The only real difference I can see that may impact 0-100km times is the luxury (ie softer) suspension on the G6ET which may theoretically improve or reduce the amount of grip available during a hard launch. The F6 has the same displacement engine as the XR6T and GE6T with most of the extra power courtesy of a larger (ie slower spooling) turbo. This could potentially hamper 0-100 times slightly (especially seeing as the rear tyres are also still only 245 on the F6). Buggered if I know why so many people place so much emphasis on 0-100 and times anyway. While driving around on the roads how often would you mash the big go pedal and scream up to 100 clicks, then think to yourself... "Phew, I'm glad I bought the G6ET. Cause if I'd bought the F6 that may have taken a tenth longer!" The real benefit of the power of these cars is their ability to accelerate once they're already up and rolling. Through the twisty's and overtaking.
  6. MGR

    Picked Up G6et

    Based on the few magazine tests (Wheels & Motor).
  7. That sounds about right as the Novated lease will exclude GST. In other words it would be around $57,000 under a 'normal' sale.
  8. Auto. Faster, smoother, better fuel consumption, better towing capabilities and I can't be stuffed changing gears.
  9. 12 months rego drive away ~$51,000 I reckon.

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