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  1. Happy Birthday Quick 6!

  2. Happy Birthday Quick 6!

  3. Happy Birthday Quick 6!

  4. You just let me know when mate and ill be there. Might be awhile before my pos engine issues are sorted
  5. Your always welcome to try John :-) Im totally harmless...... I promise. Well the lease is almost up lol. Pm me with how much your chasing.
  6. Looks great john. Might have to go see the boys and steal your engine for awhile :-)
  7. im with john on that. ive had 780rwhp on the street. not really a smart move but heaps of fun. quite enough and really easy to drive. just sh*t loads of power there if you have a brain fade and feel the need to use it all at once. that was with a t51r and full 6boost build. pump fuel.
  8. Happy Birthday Quick 6!

  9. your insane Spiro That is all !!!
  10. It's going to be a huge week for the boys out here. Stealth will go 1000++ and yours will to John. It's only a formality now.
  11. Worm, im no good at offsets but does that mean they might fit an fg ?? I love the wheels but want 8.5 front and 10 rears with a bit of dish. Roland
  12. this is just a little concerning to me.. I have recently picked up my new gt (well 3000kms ago) and have it booked in for a tune and some other upgrades. Maybe im not in such a hurry to ditch my warrantee after all !!I would be so dissapointed if my 70K+ car did that. Esspecially with only 3k on it. Roland
  13. would be good ill admit, havent actually seen the car in daylight hours in quite some time... thanks for editing the post dagabond. ill see what I can do in regards to a daylight pic.
  14. vertini magics are an awesome wheel. Altho a word of warning, WILL NOT clear brembos without using a spacer (no matter what they tell you. Rears need to be rolled at least and the little stub shaft ?? needs to be cut back or it protrudes out throught the center of the wheel. We managed to squeeze 295 on the rear with out to much trouble.
  15. Quick 6

    Need Help

    I got mine from Q Ford in brissy. speak to a lady there named sarah and tell her I sent you. Mine was a " demo" with 25km on the clock. mentioned I didnt like the strips....... they were gone as part of pre delivery. No paint missing, no marks, its like they never existed. I got a silver gt, build 0221 (I think) zf, leather etc for $69500 drive away. was by far the best I could do and they were great to deal with. Roland

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