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  1. Mate you are on drugs if you think that cooler is leaking! It is brand new and did less then 100kms it has been full of oil and plastic screw caps put back in. Seriously mate ??
  2. I have one of atomics here that I never used in my build. Will try and get some pics
  3. The exhaust manifold was fine on my motor before I sold it to him. You are getting too carried away with it. Just bolt the bloody thing together it's a ford we are not talking about Ferrari.
  4. All good mate enjoy it all, glad its all gone to a good home don't worry it's hard to sell everything considering how much I spent on it all but with it all gone less temptation to buy another turbo 6 and mod it. Cheers
  5. Get one of these put it on the chassis rail beside A/c compressor no different to the early process west stg3 cooler kit where you had to drill a hole in the inner guard for cold side piping where washer bottle had to be removed. That is my cooler setup off my F6 mate.
  6. Dude way to take over someone else's build thread lol
  7. Not all b series are screwed down some BF2's have a FG tank from factory you should no that bud
  8. After a long decision I have decided to sell the F6 time to save up for a house
  9. What you mean how did it cost $230 something lol? Pretty easy that's what they charged. If I had a 20T press in the back yard I would do it myself but I don't unfortunately
  10. I brought a full set of bearings, retainers and oil seals from ford in baudesert QLD about $230 bucks later, then asked if they can press new ones on said yes then said that will be $140 bucks. Just laughed at the girl and told her last set I got done at ford in Proserpine nth QLD charged me $20 to do the pair then come back we can do it for $70. I walked out bloody joke for 10mins work
  11. Hey brad tried to send you a pm on here but would not let me send it. Sent you a message on Facebook bud
  12. Yeah thought so can understand why he would be pulling his hair out mate.. Seen the motor a few months back while I was getting oil for mine. Really hope he can get it sorted ASAP and with no warranty I don't blame him being paranoid about it.
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