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    Ford (XR's, FPV's), Photography, Sport (Soccer, AFL, NRL), Graphic Design
  1. Happy Birthday RAMJ3T - LSTRIKE BFXR6MkII!

  2. Happy Birthday RAMJ3T - LSTRIKE BFXR6MkII!

  3. Happy Birthday RAMJ3T - LSTRIKE BFXR6MkII!

  4. Happy Birthday RAMJ3T - LSTRIKE BFXR6MkII!

  5. Colours

    I have loved almost every ford colour since from the BA's onwards. Being very picky, I have had trouble picking my next car (BF6T 07MKII). I have found heaps in white, black etc. But my favourite colours have been bionic and octane. I will be buying my bionic 6t very soon, and I am sure I will be happy with the colour. Although, I would have to say my favourite ford colour of ALL time, would have to be the new FG XR colour - VIPER. Funnily enough I was thinking sh*t, ford needs a new purple colour - then I went to the motorshow to see that they all ready had one. No cars have been released yet, but they are in production - and if I could get the fg it would be this colour with 19s, and tech pack.
  6. Dark Argent Replicas/copies

    http://www.magwheel.com.au/ Ask for costa. He can do a set of Dark Argent replicas with tyres for about 2G. I previously purchased from him a set of djr 320 replicas. They did not come with centrecaps - but I ordered them from his mate in sydned. And they looked so well - that when I had a bad accident in my BA, the insurance company took two of the buckled rims, and payed me out of the other two, $4G. Lol I could not believe they thought they were real djr. For one the real ones don't even come in 18's. Lol. Anyway theres the details. I am going to purchase a set for my fg 6t once I get it. P.S The wheelking.com.au guy is a rip-off! I went to him and he talks sh*t. Why would you pay 5g for these rims oposed to 2g replicas?
  7. Which Rims For My Bionic Xr6?

    I have an 07 MK II 6 N/A. In the next two weeks I will be buying a 06 MK II Bionic XR6T. While having the N/A 6, I was looking around for rims to suit it, and I did! They are the BF MK II (Upgrade Rims) in Shadow Grey. I went to ford asking them for brand new prices, which ended being close to 3g without tyres. So I went to wheel king (www.wheelking.com.au) and got a good price of around 2G with average falken tyres. Luckily enough, when I was at my ford dealer getting my service, I noticed the spare parts department was selling some wheels, and to my suprise they had the BF I and II (upgrade) sets with Goodyear SP 3000's on them - having only done 2KM. Anyway to cut this stupid story short - I am a Graphic Design Student, and I wanted to visualize what the rims would look like on a bionic bf xr6. So if you want to know what they look like, here you go:

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