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  1. Happy Birthday slo_au2!

  2. Happy Birthday slo_au2!

  3. Happy Birthday slo_au2!

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  6. Happy Birthday slo_au2!

  7. Hey Guys , Just thinking about the Global Credit crisis and how expensive most fun things are to do at the moment. So , some mates I have in Tassie , Told me about www.1kracing.com .. Heres a Quick Rundown of it . The 1kracing series is a designed to be a low cost competition to test a combination of driving, car tuning, modification and bargain hunting ability. Competitors are encouraged to field a team with one or more people, to test their all-round car abilities against others. The competition itself will be a series of events at a private, sealed venue. Vehicles do not have to be road registered and a current driver's license is not required to partake in the competition. Participants are to field a car that has cost no more than $1000 on the day. This cost includes: 1. The original purchase price of the car, 2. Cost of any repairs to the car, 3. Cost of any additional modifications done to the car, 4. Any payments made to others working on the car. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Basically , with $1000 , you have to get everything together to race whatever . Now to some this sounds like a Half Assed Idea , but after speaking to some guys at the Morwell hill Climb , its not as half assed as you would think .. Just wondering , if anyone knows of One already in Victoria I could Join , or by a Slim Chance , Would Anyone have Any Interest at all , if one was started up.. Cheers Daniel
  8. Tom Thumb is the Brand , Its a Plastic bottle with a Red handle , and a Hose with a metal End , you Fill with your Desired Flavour of Oil and Start P{umping ..
  9. Im so going to lose my licence ..
  10. you find out who your father is ..
  11. Wash and Wax in One .. then theres a Spare for the chick wearing the Chamois Bikini ..
  12. K&N Fuel and Oil Filters are Really good .. I have them on my Car .. Purifys the fuel heaps more no letting dust and fragments through .. give them a Try , Fuel Filter is about $25 and Oil Filter is $29.95 Both 100xxx Fitted ..
  13. Removing the heat sheild wont affect anything .. they do keep heat in the Extractors , and Hot air flows faster than Cooler air .. Keep that in mind .. Some of the Nascar Guys uses Manifold Blankets , to preheat there Exhaust Manifolds ...
  14. Is anyone up for a meetup , Shell westgate , Saturday Night

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