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  1. Happy Birthday eXoR6sT!

  2. Happy Birthday eXoR6sT!

  3. Happy Birthday eXoR6sT!

  4. Happy Birthday eXoR6sT!

  5. Happy Birthday eXoR6sT!

  6. The Wa Cruise Ideas Thread

    agree with that, too late int he arvo sucks wang prefer to spend the time in the arvo with the kids relaxing before back at work
  7. The Wa Cruise Ideas Thread

    dwellingup morning tea run, york lunch run, narrogin lunch run all nice cruises with some fun places to eat and during winter, some brilliant scenery if its dry. but these are cruises not races like some prefer
  8. Xrtpsi Is No More....

    sorry to hear your selling it I remember back when I did it at 20 to build our 1st house, then kept a sh*tbox car til we bought our 3rd investment property sold the last one off 14 months ago and moved into our nice shiney new house 4 months ago. im 30, own my house, paid cash for the xr6t, just paid cash for the wifes new mazda3 and still have money left over for toys etc let the others laugh all they want matey, when you get to the point you can rebuy a "toy" car like the xr6t you wont be able to wipe the smile off your face. having said that, yaris/echo/festiva/micra/fiesta/121 are all sh*thouse cars and I hope they all rust from the inside out once fuel hits $3 a litre, then I will seriously reconsider a less fuel efficient runabout... but hell if im selling the T
  9. 8 Speed Zf

    ah, that's the one, the owner said "not 8 gears blah blah blah" I got bored of the yakkity about the car, smooth car, still a fat "maxima"
  10. 8 Speed Zf

    I passengered in a nissan a few months back that had a 8spd auto newer 4 door skyline smooth as silk, not sure I see the need, I thought the 6speed auto was silly enough
  11. no pricing as yet, priced up parts etc that I was considering when the time comes (ie after hols etc) I will go in and have a more serious convo regarding the tune and what can be provided. fingers crossed eh
  12. cheers guys, im going to try house of power, I dropped in there today (was next door ordering some new rims and tyres) and the guy I spoke to there was straight to the point, no sh*tting about, and after hearing form a few other guys who have been there with xrts, imports, I will give them a shot and see how it goes cheers, I dont do public transport and really do need something close to home (40 mins to midland and then home again and repeat the process to pick it up = time I really dont have. I have no doubt xtreme are great, all I read is great reviews and feedback but again, I just dont have the time to get there etc. :( (sadface for living too far from xtreme) (happyface for prospective tuning from house of power)
  13. excellent, looks like I have some phone calls to make tomorrow
  14. oh crap, I was asking about tuning, sorry guys, had servicing on the mind after a chat to someone about servicing my 4wd definately after someone local to tune it servicing is pretty much the same place the 4wd goes to (derossa in myaree) unless there is a better option and someone very turbo specific. sorry for the typo/blonde moment
  15. I live in alfred cove and APC are a 10 min walk from my house (means I can get home with a pram for the kids) oconner is only a 10 min drive away and there are a few there anyone have recommendations around the general area? I have heard incredible things about xtreme, but being located in midland puts them in the "pack a lunch and go for a drive" basket for me at a point in my life where I dont have anywhere enough time to get normal things done cheers

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