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  1. I ethernet wired my brother's whole house in an afternoon a few years ago, all cables run through the roof and probably lost a couple of kilo's of water on a summer afternoon haha. All terminations at a junction rack of ports and into a switch and all terminations at the other ends at wall-ports. #dodgybroswiring
  2. sounds like a good time going alright on this end. Heading to the beach tomorrow
  3. any roof is a PITA to climb into, especially on warm days haha good job on getting the ducting sorted, though
  4. It'll be a shorted wire somewhere. If you don't know how to check a circuit then an auto elec is where you should be taking it.
  5. Ahh, car modification, aren't they fun
  6. bit hard to tell from ebay listings, realistically... both say "mk2" in their URL's so I'd just get the one that's cheaper, assuming the listing says it's in "as-new" condition or better.
  7. yeah, can always trim down the heat-sink haha
  8. or she'll scare the crap out of herself when she puts the foot down and then never want to drive your car again
  9. what does the missus think of the extra power?
  10. woo, 300 club these cars do it easy, eh
  11. yeah, it used to hover above the main board weirdly (as per the image in this post) so I moved it in this update due to the update making it look even worse (didn't take a screenshot of the worse situation, just worked around it), which makes the "header" seem bigger when it just had a menu on top of it previously haha. I'll re-work the image sooner rather than later.
  12. haha yes, my advice can sometimes come flowing out like a busted tap and people are just like "slow the f**k down" lol
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