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  1. Happy Birthday robbo k!

  2. Happy Birthday robbo k!

  3. Happy Birthday robbo k!

  4. Happy Birthday robbo k!

  5. sucks I cant fly or drive tanks for long periods cos it freaks out then when u re-spawn you got no gun...
  6. best tip I got when I worked with a car detailer was water it down and spray the wd40/inox as ppl have said above and wipe it down. that's how its done in the caryards..
  7. also look at princess cruises they have some nice boats only couple of them call into oz and pasific islands on the "on session"
  8. I know the pasific sun which was named something else after that mishap. was fully refurbished about yr ago. go on the website a have a look at the boats and choose
  9. the food is good cos I eat it as it gets loaded on the ship!! if you can get in with a crew they can get you cheap smokes they might sell on the side...
  10. it is very nice same thing as last one (clk63) but with a cage inside it
  11. watched the tour from the start. that stage 20 time trail was a massive ride. and all riders got to finish the tour even though the officals had to bend the rules abit
  12. 5.7ltr cheap easy parts to get and has been done in roedos for abit now.
  13. I have been with exetel for years never dropped out or had problems with them.
  14. the best way to combat sh*t house serivce and have been told by a person who owned a car dealership for well over 30yrs is before you leave ask to speak to deal principal tell him/her there service is rubbish and the salesman have no idea and then proceed to tell him you will take you business to another dealer. buy the car and go back to the dealer and give then a friendly wave. he said nothing hurts more then a simple sale.
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