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    Circuit Racing... when im not at work my life runs on racing F3 <br />And playing with my cars...
  1. Happy Birthday -XRCUTE-!

  2. Happy Birthday -XRCUTE-!

  3. Happy Birthday -XRCUTE-!

  4. Happy Birthday -XRCUTE-!

  5. Happy Birthday -XRCUTE-!

  6. Yeah, I know... I forgot to mention I plan on takin them off... they were originally put on to match my boss XR8, His Have 'XR' like mine and I thought 'F6' would look better than 'XL' I wanted to be able to modidfy my engine later down the track and figured the petrol six would be a good cheap option... plus I got a good deal with it The wing was on the car when I bought it... not my cup of tea but at the time I thought it was cool.
  7. Hey All, Just signed up, figured nows a good time to put some pics up of my car and see what people think... Looks can be deceiving... this started life as a standard BA XL SE on gas... Now is sports a bit more flare, But I use the car every day for work so as far as the running gear I like it to be economic, so I havent gone nuts with that... yet. Pretty Much Just A Show Pony... But needs some cleaning up Id like to put in a show one day and perhaps get it in a magazine for one reason or another... so any feed back would be great Mods... Exterior: Custom White With Purple Pearl Paint Full Pursuit Body Kit, Including XR Lights And V8 Bonnet Carryboy Hardtop Wing on Rear Of Cab (although we've grown apart and I plan to remove it) De-badged (mostly) Clear Tail Lights Lowered (slightly... I do still need to work out of it after all) Custom Decals, And Badges Spottys (useful where I live) Tinted Windows Clear Globes Throughout Interior: Fairmont Center Console, And Instrments (loving the dual climate control) Fairmont steering wheel (woodgrain) XR seats And Door Trims (purple, colour coded to exterior) Colour Coded Purple Accent Pieces Purple Neons And Leds Running Gear: 19" Chrome Rims Petrol Barra 4.0L 6 XR8 Pod Filter Stainless Muffler Future Mods: Custom Grill (on its way) Tyres Detailed With White Pinstripe De-Spoliered Stainless Exhaust JL Stereo System Under Car Neons Detailed Engine Bay (Then When Im Loaded. HaHa) Total De Badge, Shaved Door Handles, Shaved Side Trim 20"s Airbags Scissor Doors Suede Re trim Turbo Engine
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