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  1. Happy Birthday 104ord!

  2. Happy Birthday 104ord!

  3. painting the std callipers red only drawers your attention to how small they are...imo.
  4. Happy Birthday 104ord!

  5. How did u find the German volume training. ? Interested in having a shot but afraid of injuries while dieting for a show in may
  6. Happy Birthday 104ord!

  7. Happy Birthday 104ord!

  8. vinigar stroke for the white.... vote one white upgrade
  9. if this is a route you may take let me know as I have still got the drill bit, the tap and a spare barbed fitting
  10. I just greased up the drill and tap and cleaned out evey few mm of penatration. I flushed the oil out after wards and since never found any more shavings in the last 10 services. I used 5/8 heater hose from the local hydraulic workshop and they also supplied me with all of my fittings. I used a 9/16 drill bit with a 3/8-19 bspt tap which is what suited the barb fitting I had.
  11. with the water lines I split the 2 heater hoses that come out of the fire wall above the exhaust and put 5/8 copper tee fittings into the split hoses and ran one as the feed and the other as the return easy ad effective I dont have any photos but ill see what I can find I s p l I t t h e h e a t e r h o s e s t h a t c o m e o u t o f t h e
  12. with the oil supply I just got a tee peice made from copper and fitted it to the oil pressure sender. which is under the intake manifold. then I ran a 1/4 inch braided line around the back of the block and in to the top of the turbo.. I tapped the sump on the vehicle. its easier to take the front wheel off and you can access it there. I drilled and tapped a barb fitting into the top of the sump and ran 5/8 hose as my oil return. million ways to skin a cat.
  13. if your goin to run the factory water lines youll need new heater hoses im pretty positive and the heater pipes and the water feed them selves you can get them from ford. I tapped into the heater hoses coming out of the fire wall next to the brake booster , with a brass tee and ran into the turbo from there. go to your local car dealer with a ba or bf turbo and just have a look under the hood... it helps alot
  14. you seem to be on top of everything... im pretty certain that is all youll need apart from a flasher
  15. near thirty cars are going so far should be good turnout

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