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  1. Happy Birthday smokey!

  2. Happy Birthday smokey!

  3. Happy Birthday smokey!

  4. Happy Birthday smokey!

  5. Happy Birthday smokey!

  6. It worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I tryed everything you guys said and it worked,no fading sound its great. one thing I wasnt sure on was the power limiting option,it seems to be a box that goes to the top and bottom of the screen depending on which way you turn the vol nob,which is better. Many thanks to all you guys for your help.
  7. Thanks guys I will give that a try tomorrow,I do notice it does it more with burnt cds than unburnt cds.Should I also turn of the loud button as well. I will let you know how I go. Cheers
  8. Hey guys, last year I bought my first 05 ba xr6t ute and im new to these types of stereos but for some reason when im listening to a cd both new and burnt ones the sound fades in and out and im having to keep adjust the volume.It never does it when its on the radio. Ford have looked at it and have no idea as to the cause.Ive tried cd cleaners with no results.Has any one else had this problem with theres,or any one knows what could be causing it. Any help would be greatful Lindsey
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