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  1. sorry Rowdy have sold under armour, have to figure out how to delete add cheers bryan

  2. Happy Birthday RowdyBurns!

  3. Happy Birthday RowdyBurns!

  4. Fg Offsets And Tyre Questions

    Cheers dude. +32 will still fill the guards nicely on the rear?
  5. Fg Offsets And Tyre Questions

    Just need to confirm before I order for FG ute with SSL springs. Front 19 x 9.5 + 25 - 245/35/19 Rear 19 x 10.5 +22 - 275/35/19 Should be all good without rolling the guards?
  6. Reversing Aids

  7. Show Us Your Ute!

    That sucks, but if nothing is bent or broken underneath you're lucky because tubs are cheaaaaap!
  8. Xr6T Ute Massive Understeer Problem In Wet!

    Had the same issue with no-name brand tyres, switched to Kumho's (not the greatest tyres) and this sorted it. Decent tyres make a huge difference.
  9. Autometer Cobolt + Gauge Holder Help

    Mechanical or electrical boost gauge? What type of gauge holder are you using?
  10. Cheapies Intercooler From Ebay

    There's a guy in the classifieds that wants one...
  11. Still a Falcon in the end and will still depreciate like one. There are a fair few 50's around and always a few for sale, so not that rare. Unless you have a certain combo of body/colour/trans in mind that you want then it might take a little searching. The interiors do look awesome though and they are packed with just about every option available.
  12. If you can get a newer model and year for the price, get it. Better resale in the future being 2 years newer.
  13. Warranty Q's

    Earliest it could expire is 2014
  14. Bonnet Bulge!

    +1. Fit on mine is as good as factory. I got away without having the guards blended, I can't notice a difference between bonnet and fender.

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