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  1. Happy Birthday PhantomUte!

  2. Happy Birthday PhantomUte!

  3. Happy Birthday PhantomUte!

  4. Happy Birthday PhantomUte!

  5. Anyone Run Their Fgt Down The 1/4?

    I would have to disagree with your comments about the beams at the drag strip. the beams at the strip at triggered by your front wheels, when you stage the vehicle and bring on the two bulbs on the christmas tree you are breaking the beam, as soon as you roll forward a fraction the beam breaks and the timing sequence starts, any difference in staging ie deep staging or short staging will only effect the et by a very small margin, around 0.001-5 of a second not a couple of tenths.
  6. 12 sec club

    rotor mob in sydney..not melbourne
  7. How much did you pay for your ute

    I paid 45,000 on road with leather seat, auto, towpack and phantom in jul 03
  8. Garrett Gt40 Turbo Is Actually Gt35

    I believe it has a GT40 front with a small rear housing on it, I.e.GT35 (I heard the a/r on the exhaust side is .86). You have to be pretty naive if you believe that...the race rotary that I am involved with makes 651.1 rwhp at around 7000-7500 rpm, with peak revs of 9500. The thing has bucket loads of torque..
  9. Xr6t Ute And Towing?

    I think the recommended max tow weight from ford for an auto xr6t is only 1600kg, with a normal 6 or xr8 it can be up to 2400kg with a Heavy Duty Tow Kit. That aside, I have towed around 1900kg with my ute with no problems at all.
  10. Insurance....merged Topic....

    24 gold coast 65% NCB and just under $1,200 with NRMA, AAMI or Suncorp wouldn't insure me till I was 25, and even if I was 25 the quote was another 500-700 more
  11. Shoowroom Km's...

    11km here
  12. Sedan V Ute

    I was wondering if anyone else has this problem with the utes Mine is the same, I get down to 0 Km DTE and there is still about 10 litres left in the tank. The tanks are definatly 80l as I have put in 78l in it before.
  13. Not sure if anyone has seen this yet, but it looks very sweet. Dam utes, why cant we have this....... Upgrade to Prestige Sound System
  14. Why Are Ute's So Popular?

    My main reason for getting a ute over the sedan was a pretty simple. By getting the ute I avoid FBT as the vehicle is deemed to be 100% work use, which makes it much much cheaper. the other reason is there is plenty of room to put tools, tyres, etc for the race car.
  15. Xr6t Payments

    No just the straight lease from ford credit, its a ute as well so it is a bit cheaper then the sedans, which makes the leasing costs less. It was $45K on road, insurance isn't to bad its just under $1200/yr (I am 24 so I am very happy with this, most insurance companys wouldn't insure me till I am 25)

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