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  1. Happy Birthday dev33!

  2. Happy Birthday dev33!

  3. Happy Birthday dev33!

  4. Happy Birthday dev33!

  5. Happy Birthday dev33!

  6. dev33

    Central Qld

    Hey has anyone had any work done locally, In Rocky, or am I better of cruising up to Mackay. Just looking to do basic stuff atm like flash tune and injectors.
  7. dev33

    Central Qld

    There is going a bit of a cruise on tomorrow night in Rocky. Pretty much all old skool muscle cars and stuff but I'll be taking the T so if you see a sillouhette BA that looks kinda out of place, come for a drive too.
  8. dev33

    Central Qld

    Just keep driving through Rocky, the heritage village is on the hiway on the way to Mackay go past the Uni and the turn off to Yeppoon and you'll see the heritage village on the right handside of the road near the Parkie pub. Should be a good day
  9. dev33

    Central Qld

    Anyone hear bout a XR6T doing a runner from the 5-0 on Yaamba Road last night?
  10. Probably already got the tat but, I live in Rocky and I get all my work done by Karl at TATTOO JUNCTION in Noosa Head. It's a four and a half hour drive for me to get there but his work is awesome. Well worth a look bud. Their website is being updated but should be back online soon. www.junctiontattoo.com cheers dev
  11. Ta guys got an F6 cai and K&N panel filter. Works well, there is a lot more induction noise and best of all looks stock as.
  12. dev33

    Prior Turbo Ownership

    Dude the lc and lj are going to be HELLA tough. Promise to post some pics when they are done!, please
  13. Yeah bud I can only speak with experience from skylines but I've got a ba six speed now and it feels like a smoother box. so far anyway.
  14. dev33

    Prior Turbo Ownership

    R33 gts-t light tune bout 10-14psi R32 GTR just filter and zorst sold, to get married Now Ba Mk11 6 speed man. Happy Again
  15. Name: Brendan (dev) 29 Work for Queensland Rail as a Electrical Linesman Based in Rockhampton
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