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  1. Im in the full syn camp too, B series cams FTW! Nulon used to be the go-to around here, what is the new must have full syn? I notice the oil pressure drops away a lot at idle once its warmed up with Nulon..
  2. Were turning on nice weather for ya too Rab , if you like 1*c and snow... Better pack your fluffy undies mate. https://www.metservice.com/towns-cities/christchurch/christchurch-city#!/ten-day
  3. Plenty of 98 in the north island as its available at BP, mobile and gull . Just the south island that gets the raw prawn.
  4. B.P. store locator with search refinement on left hand side for 98 ron etc. A bit scarce for 98 on the west coast. https://www.bp.com/en_nz/new-zealand/find-nearest-bp.html
  5. So daughter crashed her car trying to go around a traffic island too quick and p1ssed. Car on side of road,- bumper, sump and bits of sub frame left behind on island. No insurance coz p1ssed, another 6.5k down the sh1tter for bank of dad. Why do we have kids again??
  6. Wow, been 18 months since my last visit- didn't realise it was so long. I think I just got over all the getting logged in as someone else crap that went on and on.. I assume its all fixored now, and agree with most of whats already been said, it would be a crying shame to loose the massive database of knowledge this site offers. I too have been involved in running a forum, and saw F.B. kill it as users just love the interface/ pokies style instant gratification bullsh1t that F.B. offers. Im sure we will come up with a solution, I think patreon would be great as we could set up a regular payment of whatever size and it just happens, Its really easy to forget with all the other pressures life brings us. For my sins of being AWOL from the forum I have chucked a hundy in the donations.
  7. I got a plaz surge 2nd hand, a 044 was about the same price as yours, made my own harness / relay setup and used ethanol rated fuel line ( non braid ) , all from green lane speed shop in Penrose, Auckland. You might want to consider a non return valve too, post pump. I didnt use a filter pre or post pump, figured the intank and chassis rail filter was enough, no problems so far with around 40,000kms on it. I'd pm ralph and jet regards the pierberg pumps too before pulling the trigger on a 044- noisy mofo things, would not bang again.
  8. No lube included in the quote? Your gonna need it.
  9. Give it heaps men, looking forward to reports of new pb's all round .
  10. Already told her, this means you owe me two cars when im old and crash mine.
  11. I hear you Puff, but as I mentioned she is working, just trying to keep the student loan under control. I'd rather keep her alive till she can afford to buy her own car. Life will teach her the financial lessons we all eventually learn, but for now walking 3 hours to uni ( no busses or trains ) isnt an option. The road between her home and uni is the deadliest piece of road in the country so a old sh1tter isnt worth the risk for me.
  12. Your dead right about choosing the dearer car initially, mrs said " a $1000 sh1tter will do" , to which I replied " I'm not going to be standing over her coffin wishing I wasn't such a tight arse and had paid a few extra grand.' It was the right choice then and still is now. As I mentioned she is at uni, so funds are tight. She rolled it on the unsealed driveway of her employer having worked her 9th day in a row to save money for her education, so I dont mind helping her out again. Different if she was sitting on her arse doing nothing, but shes a good kid and one day will be choosing my rest home . Just cant help but think of the respray I could have spent the $$ on...
  13. wpmo , made the last payment on the daughters first car in December. January I pay another 1k excess for the damage when she backed into a post ( needed fixing for a roadworthy and she is at uni so no $$) Gets car back Friday,then rolls it 3 times, ( style points+++ ) and its totaled the very next day. She got out without a scratch thank feck, but now I get to buy her another car. There goes the fun money, why are kids so damn expensive ffs?
  14. +1 for the connectors on the ICC as Arronm said, in particular the white plug on the back . If you grab the part of the white plug that's attached to the car and gently pull it towards you you will see the cam locks (black from memory) roll out and lock the plug sticking out. When you reinstall the ICC it will line up and reset itself. Be extra carefull to install it square, and check all pins are straight as they bend easily if its off centre a bit. 1 bent pin can make all dash lights dissappear, door open light flicker etc- all problems my alarm guy encountered. Pic of bent pin for Keith
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