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  1. Happy Birthday johnnoGC!

  2. Happy Birthday johnnoGC!

  3. Happy Birthday johnnoGC!

  4. Happy Birthday johnnoGC!

  5. yeah I saw that thread too, would have loved to have him look after my car while he was still here. does any one know who it is that has stepped up since ian left? I see a few skylines and that with the "no muff too tuff" stickers on them from ashmore mufflers, and I have heard that they also do servicing and mods for turbos. does anyone have any feedback or advice about them? cheers Johnno
  6. Thanks trish yeah I have heard very good things about elite. unforts its over 1.5 hrs away so if cant find anywere closer will take a day off to go up there
  7. hey guys, can anyone give some similar advice on somewhere good to get 90k service on gold coast? will never go to sunshine again. thanks
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