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  1. Jet's Tuning (Oh No)

    still love those trans cooler kits, wonder if anyone does them in Perth
  2. Happy Birthday TH0MM0!

  3. Happy Birthday TH0MM0!

  4. Happy Birthday TH0MM0!

  5. Happy Birthday TH0MM0!

  6. I knew you would be the one to reply haha. that's reasonably priced, is that because your had alot of stuff done there or just good pricing ? give me the details if that's the case ill get that done and a boot lid soon. btw did you do the f6 rear bumper ? I was thinking about trying to find a replacement centre section instead of a full bumper swap if they were interchangable
  7. Hi, im looking at removing these roof plastic strips and sanding them back as there is old polish stuck in there and is annoying as hell. makes the car look tacky. May even decide to get them painted instead.. Just wanting to know how to get them off !? Thanks
  8. Fire Extinguisher A Good Spot To Mount

    is that a long bracket you have made that goes all the way under to the rail ? bit hard to see in the picture
  9. Fire Extinguisher A Good Spot To Mount

    are you able to get the bracket from ford to suit ?
  10. Aftermarket Fg Xr8 Bonnets?

    any news on these bonnets ? a steel aftermarket one would be great to find...
  11. No Air Cond Controls

    HI Car: 2006 BF xr6t MkI Problem: just yesterday ive turned my car off as usual and when ive gone back to start it later on I had no air cond controls. This is a stock ICC unit, not a dual climate control version. All I get on my icc display is flashing picture of the 'recirculate' icon. I turned car on and off and nothing changed. loaded my capa tune and then flashed back to stock, no sucess. I then tried removing the negative battery terminal for 30-40mins to see if it would clear the settings. again no luck. Fuses are all fine. I rang ford and they said just to bring it down, but I have no time at the moment any help would be greatly appreciated ! thanks fellas
  12. WA Spotted & Chit Chat Thread

    yes I was refering to yours. cool, well that's rite power isnt everything if you cant get good traction.. you enjoying the auto ?
  13. WA Spotted & Chit Chat Thread

    your already on 340... 350 isnt much of a jump for a 2k exhaust just pump, injectors, plazmaman 800hp kit, cat, tune
  14. WA Spotted & Chit Chat Thread

    yeep most likely ! its been long enough wait what kind of gains are you to see from this smb exhaust, well how far could you now push your car ?
  15. WA Spotted & Chit Chat Thread

    that smb exhaust is bullsh*t loud haha. fun times ahead cool cheeers

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