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  1. Happy Birthday t6xr!

  2. Happy Birthday t6xr!

  3. Happy Birthday t6xr!

  4. Happy Birthday t6xr!

  5. On the Spirit of Tassie nearly ready to leave.....looking a bit rough though!!!! Lil vid from yesterday on Symmons Plains race way..... https://fbcdn-video-a.akamaihd.net/cfs-ak-ash4/435252/305/271037246294728_24274.mp4?oh=bfa8f7e80e5ed68a48963d74b58a6029&oe=4F27C100&__gda__=1328005376_a594c41bfebb96331891aeb192540ce6
  6. Yeah pretty piss poor that Melbourne hasnt got one....loved it and will be doing it again next year. One thing that has supprised me is the weather, I'm as burnt as a f....k and sore, it's bloody hot here!!!!still 31 degess here......
  7. Yeah few photos and videos, I'll post some up when I get home in the next couple of days....
  8. Finished the Power cruise Tassie today... Sitting in a cheap ass motel in launseston ready to get the Spirit of Tassie in the morning.. Some bloody tuff cars there, suprissed a few around the track and the off street racing. Gave the 22's a hiding still a bit of tread left. I also got top post 86 trophy and money, very happy!!!!
  9. t6xr

    Tassie Chat

    Any of u Tassie guys going to Power Cruise????
  10. This might sound alittle strange but it's bloody hot in Tassie.....looking forward to Power Cruise on the weekend....
  11. t6xr

    Rye Christmas Cruise

    15th sounds good, I'll be in... The following week I'm off to Tassie for a week for power cruise, I can't wait....
  12. Not all that much done, just the usual stuff -valve springs, injectors, fuel pump, intercooler, actuator, 3" stainless exhaust from turbo back, magnaflow muffler with 4" dump, bov and adaptor pipe, C9 3 speed with 3 grand stallie etc......
  13. Knox car meet was awesome last night, heaps of cars the place was chockers. Lucky I got there early......I heard cars were lined up to get in all the way to Stud rd.......
  14. Gaz, Put me down again for this one, had fun on the last couple I've been on. Cheers, Rob.
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