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  1. Happy Birthday Joey!

  2. Happy Birthday Joey!

  3. Happy Birthday Joey!

  4. Happy Birthday Joey!

  5. Haha yeah, I think its a patience thing more than anything. Just kind of annoying to be sitting in your 340rwkw car at the KFC drivethrough with the thing rattling and scraping like an old Datto 120y... Lucky its quiet when it counts I spose (like half way down the quarter mile) I did look at the mal wood stuff mate, but in the end I went with my tuners recommendations. They have had good success with the Extreme triple plates and guarantee them not to slip, so that was enough for me. Although the little springs to stop the rattles would be nice :( Also I was a bit reluctant to screw around trying to go on the cheap, as last time I did that I asked for a twin plate and the bastards at Rocky motorsport fitted a bloody sh*thouse exedy sports tuff clutch single plate, which lasted about 3 months... Muppets.
  6. I believe its an Extreme triple plate. I had a heavy duty exedy piece of crap before that couldnt hold the grunt. I have it tuned to about 340KW at the wheels currently. Basically it came down to a grand of difference between a twin or a triple plate, so I figured I was better to do something that would never need to be replaced, and that was that. That's interesting about the noise, it certainly sounds something like that. It of course goes away when the clutch is let out, so doesnt sound too serious. Just interested to hear someone else's opinion.
  7. Hey guys! Recently I had a triple plate clutch installed in a bid to fix my clutch issues. Figured it was time to upgrade to something decent! Only issue I have now is that it makes a weird metal-on-metal scraping noise when I have the clutch pedal pushed in. I was told this is normal, but it is very audible outside the car and sounds terrible! Has anyone else got a triple plate that can relate to this? As it stands it is a little hard to drive and quite clunky, but I guess you get that with a clutch that doesnt slip! Up-side is I can drop the clutch in 5th at 100k's an hour and its solid as a rock. Any suggestions? Should I be going back to get this checked out by my tuner or is this normal? Joe
  8. Yeah I did try that actually, it seemed to work fine at stationary, so you might be right. I have tried not going over so far, but it wont do it. Just weird that it is fine after I put it back into another gear first :S
  9. Boys, need some expert advice! Gearbox is acting weird. I was driving back to the sunny coast (long drive) not doing anything exciting in particular, just cruising in 6th. Car (manual) doesnt want to change from 6th to 5th anymore. I can go from 4th to 5th fine, or any other gear to 5th and its all good, no weird noises or problems. But the gearstick wont go into 5th from 6th. I have to shift it into 4th or 3rd (all with the clutch in) then into 5th. All very strange. Seems like the selector is out of alignment somehow. Any ideas? Anyone had this problem?
  10. Joey

    Me Too Me Too!

    Ill just do the surge tank/airbox and another tune, should get me an easy 370ish. I think that will be plenty for me for a while. I wouldn't really go much more than that without doing something with the brakes and suspension anyway. Car has only done 14,000k's so I am trying to make it all as easy and safe as possible And yes, better fix the sig !
  11. Awesome mate! Your certainly on the money though, Dave is great to deal with. It was a very different experience getting work done with him compared to the last shop I went with. Its really nice to be involved with your tuning experience! With Dave its just like getting one of your mates to do it for you! Tops! Enjoy the new grunt dude
  12. Joey

    Me Too Me Too!

    Yeah Hanra, apparently I pulled up at Dave's door about 40 mins after you! Pity I wasnt earlier, would have been good to meet someone else from the forum. Thanks for the feedback guys, its certainly a great car to drive now. Every time I go to the shops here I take the long way and go half way round town just to show off haha! Dyno chart is funny huh, must be jinglish or something... Cant wait to get the rest of my mods in and crank her up again, its gonna be a freakin missile! Just gotta maintain the longevity of my license huh...
  13. Joey

    Me Too Me Too!

    Count me in to the 300kw club boys Thanks to David from CPV tuning (Blueboost) got myself a healthy 333RWkw Couldnt be happier! Tune went really well, David was great to work with! More than happy to show me exactly what he was doing and tailor the tune to my needs. Highly recommend him if any other central Qld/Nth QLD boys are after a tune (seems good tuners are rare up here) Tune was limited by the fuel pump. Going to get hold of a surge tank setup and my airbox from Rapid then go back for a retune, should get some serious mumbo then! Mods at this stage: Rapid systems intercooler kit (3" piping, bigass intercooler) with under battery CAI 60lb injectors xforce twin 2 1/2" system with 3 1/2" split dump pipe Exedy clutch Got some crappy photos off my phone, they will have to do for the time being! Thanks again David for a great tune, and for giving up your friday night!
  14. Ahh bummer. Something more sinister then :( I had to change my jocks after my pedal got stuck!
  15. Man, this is gonna sound unbelievably dumb, but I had the same problem. Check your floor mats. My pedal was getting stuck under the edge of the floor mat. Have a look before you run off to ford! that would be hilarious if that's all it was... hehehe!

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