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  1. Happy Birthday sarrge2001!

  2. Happy Birthday sarrge2001!

  3. Happy Birthday sarrge2001!

  4. Happy Birthday sarrge2001!

  5. 15.6 according to the trip meter 14.7 according to actual litres used Just a note - if you leave the trip meter on "instant" and hammer it - full accelleration in second at about 5000 rpm shows 80l/100km
  6. Well if it ain't there then Ford have one hell of a standard 6!!!! So for all you disbelievers *runs outside and pops the bonnet........again*..... YES - it is there....... And anyway - Expensive Daewoo drivers aren't going to know (or care) that the badge isn't quite in the right place as they watch it disappear into the distance...... BTW - ordered the F6 CAI today........is this the start of something do you think???? Oh well........
  7. Does removal of the centre muffler cause any "drone" in the cabin?? Is there likely to be any problems doing this on a bog standard T??
  8. What's wrong with the bloody badges????? And no, no rear enders....... Actually I reckon it's the angle of the photo - they are straight and look in the same place as every other turbo I've seen when you look at it from behind. Teeg, I take the boat to Wellington if we are going for the day, otherwise for a weekender or a week we go to Renmark. The Spider's a good boat if you don't mind getting wet. Reminds me, must organise the tow bar........
  9. Teeg - Down South - what about you?? Nice looking boat - I've got a meos Spider - what part of the river do you use???
  10. Felix - been there done that - no-one to answer too...... As for mods......hmmm...... At the moment I'm still trying to work out how close I got with my car allowance vs buying and running cost calculations. Then I'll know what money's available....... Not planning on going over the top with mods but then you know what they say about plans.... Maybe things will be different when the novelty of a turbo and that shove in the back wears off....... Thanks for the welcome guys.
  11. Hi All Been lurking here for a little while now and two weeks ago finally found what I'd been after..... 2005 BAII Turbo, 6 speed manual, 30,000km, untouched and immaculate for $26K So yeah - I'm happy!

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