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  1. Happy Birthday pedro!

  2. Happy Birthday pedro!

  3. Happy Birthday pedro!

  4. Happy Birthday pedro!

  5. pedro

    World Of Warcraft

    I know this link is past history but I thought I would add to it... I have been playing it a bit lately, changing servers here and there, but im finally getting into it and I actually agree with almost everyone out there.... it sh*ts all over EQ and EQ2. I had a 19 warlock but changed servers a couple of times and now im up to a LVL 10 warlock on Durotan Realm. I spend a lot of my time browsing the WoW forums and I came across this video of an alliance raid on Ogrimmar (Horde capital) and thought I might share it with everyone.. this is the stuff that makes the game good Be warned it is a large file so if you dont have broadband I wouldnt bother downloading it unless you were gonna have a nap while you wait. http://www.lacrimaemundi.com/Ogrimmar.zip enjoy Pedro
  6. pedro

    New Michelins

    I got these pics of the new michelins emailed to me at work.. I dont know if they are in production or a prototype or what.. maybe someone here can shed a little more light on the subject.
  7. pedro

    World Of Warcraft

    I have a heard a few people say that WoW doesnt really get good till you hit LvL 20ish.. but I am just finding it very hard to slug thru the lower levels.. maybe it is just me cause I know more people on eq2 but the general playerbase of wow doesnt seem as social as eq2 ... eq2 people are always chatting and gobbing off and stuff but in wow I was hard pressed to find someone to talk to .. Maybe I will start again .... what server you on again so that I can at least talk to someone Pedro..
  8. pedro

    World Of Warcraft

    Well I dont know if it is just me.. but I tried WoW and it didnt really grab me.. I thought it was too much like watching a cartoon... I must admit I only got my character to LVL 10 but I had to torture myself to get that far.. it just didnt capture me.. I guess I will be going back to eq2.. is a shame cause I know a few people that are playing wow..but hey different strokes for different folks.. if any of you ever jump on eq2 then give me a shout on the highkeep server pedro
  9. pedro

    World Of Warcraft

    HEHE.. might be a bit late to look me up.. I got home from work the other day and SWMBO had bought 2 copies of WoW for us.. so I have been playing that lately....not a lot.. only got a 4 pally and a 4 warlock Im just trying it out to see whether I prefer it to eq2 or not.. so far I do but how much can I tell in 4 levels. Im on the proudmore server Magicus - Lvl 4 Orc warlock Tinidas - Lvl 1 Tauren shaman Arquebus - Lvl 5 Pally I am actually having trouble with WoW on my pc.. I am running 2.8 Ghz, 1Gb RAM Radeon 9800 Pro 128 meg vid card and for some reason the vid card Sihts itself However on the other pc 2.8 Ghz 512 RAM Radeon 9200 Pro 128 meg I have no probs whatsoever.. and that is on dial-up with the internet shared between.. lag occasionally but not too often. Anyone got any ideas. I have tried new drivers for my vid card already and that does no good... has got me beat.. even unistalled and reinstalled game and did no good. Pedro
  10. pedro

    World Of Warcraft

    If you log on mate.. im on the highkeep server .. look me up.. also I really only play evil characters so if you would like some help it would be better to make an evil one.. Just look up anyone in the guild "DA SKURGE" (they will have the guild name after thiers) and ask em if I am on.. they will help ya out Pedro
  11. pedro

    World Of Warcraft

    <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yeah a friend at work is playing everquest 2 on dsl, and says he is having no problems, although my ISP is bigpond so I am probably f*cked already Dazza. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I played EQ1 in toowoomba on 28k dial up ( I lived on at cabarlah at my phone line went through the base switch so that is all I could get.) and when I logged on I had no problem.. occasionally it would get laggy in some of the more populated areas of the game but not really all that often. Im now playing EQ2 in wagga and did play Starwars galaxies for a while.. all on anything from a 33k connection to a 45k connection on dial up and the only time I have a problem is when I go into a city and there is a lot of people around.. but then again I can just go into options and set the game for maximum performance or maximum quality... that does help quite a lot.. If you are keen to play then do it I say.. dial up is fine with it.. and the only problem you will have is downloading the patches.. but if you have a friend with it already just install it when you buy it and get him to burn is game directory to a disc and then copy all those files to your directory...that's what I do with my 2 pcs.. that way I dont have to download it twice.. If you do decide to play eq2 look me up ..ill help ya how I can.. My characters are Magicus 19 Gnome Enchanter (soon to be Coercer) Allbraun 14 Ogre Brawler (eventually to be a Bruiser) Arquebus 11 Barbarian Bard (soon to be deleted) Sehat 8 Barbarian Priest (soon to be a cleric) All on highkeep server.. all aligned with freeport except Sehat Pedro Just had an idea for ya.. you could always get your mate to install his game on your PC and then log on from your house just to see what it is like.. whether it is playable or not... But im sure that if you bought it you would be pleasantly surprised..
  12. pedro

    World Of Warcraft

    I cant speak for WoW..but I know for a fact that eq2 works quite well on dial up...the combat is fine..although sometimes when there is a lot going on it can get a little laggy..but really is not unbearable... When im in some of the larger zones I dont experience any lag at... some of the smaller zones like the cities and stuff I get some.. but you dont fight in the cities so it doesnt bother... SWMBO even has an eq2 account and I have the 2 pcs linked and internet shared between em and we can both play that way... have done it like that on eq1 for a couple of years as well.. So anyone who tells you that you must have broadband for eq2 is full of siht. Yes it helps but when I had 512 adsl I didnt notice a great improvement in gameplay.. hence the reason im still on dialup.. Pedro
  13. pedro

    World Of Warcraft

    I have played eq1 Eq2 and SWG on dial up... as slow as 28.8 k.. it can be done.. the patches arent real nice but just put it on while you sleep is all I do. Sometimes in the places where there is a lot of players the lag gets bad but with eq2 I can set my options to maximum performance.. or maximum quality.. so you can make it how you want it... I have a 14 brawler and I bought him some new weapons last night.. the graphics for staffs and things are awesome.. this in eq2 that is.. Im still trying to decide if I really want WoW or not... cant justify 2 online games so will have to think about it. Pedro P.s ill post some screenshots when I take some.. soon
  14. pedro

    World Of Warcraft

    I used to look on Ebay every now and then just too see the price of toons.. and I was always amazed at how much people were asking for em.... I personally would prefer to spend the time into making my own.. more fun that way. I followed a mate to SWG and then decided I didnt like it.. Now he is trying to get me onto WoW.. but I think ill stick to EQ2. That is awesome, sounds like it has some things in common with WoW, for example the mining/foresting/harvesting and stuff. The crafting side of EQ2 is awesome. At the moment I am only at artisan LVL 10 and adventurer LVL 19. Like adventurer you choose which artisan class you want. im going for jeweller but there is scribe(for spells and stuff) alchemist, furniture maker, outfitter (wpns/armour) plus a few more I cant think of right now.. I think one of the main difference between WoW and EQ2 is that WoW is a seamless envinronment whereas with eq you need to "zone" into different areas , as in new areas need to load when you go into em. Sounds kinda annoying but usually only takes 10 secs or so to load and can sometimes help ya when there is a monster attacking you and you are close to death. You dont need to zone constantly though. Once you get into a zone you can stay there all day. some of them are even so big you need to get on griffons to fly around. The graphics of this game are awesome as well.. different feel to what I ahve seen of WoW but great nevertheless. Yeah there are a few bugs with it.. but then again show me any game that doesntt have problems with it.... Pedro
  15. pedro

    World Of Warcraft

    I have a few friends that play WoW.. I was going to play it but I bought everquest 2 instead.. I played everquest 1 for a couple of years and star wars galaxies for a couple of months.. I am tempted to give wow a shot but at the moment I am addicted to everquest 2 .. May give it a shot in the future though.. what server you all on and what your char name. Pedro

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