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  1. Happy Birthday ashmo!

  2. Happy Birthday ashmo!

  3. Happy Birthday ashmo!

  4. Happy Birthday ashmo!

  5. Happy Birthday ashmo!

  6. bear in mind its AWD! im in love always been a fan of the evo! what did it end up setting you back roughly??
  7. I dont want a 6T anymore... I want a black F6
  8. I know titan ford in melville have had a nitro FPV GT in their yard weeks ago when I drove the new FG 6T... are you only after the F6??
  9. what area do you live in mate??? if your down near rocko I can recommend a great riding school
  10. im pretty sure I saw a turbo badge on the back! The funny thing is how the police have inpounded his car for 48 hours (even though its f*cked and written off well and turely)
  11. Well what a night... some f*cking stupid *beep* decided to break into my car (well little bro's car) at the girlfriends place and raid through it and took my gun belt, my big waterproof work jacket and jumper yet they leave the stereo and everything else intact! What a headache, I wish I could catch up with the pricks that did it so I could smash their teeth in. What could they possibly do with my big green armaguard jacket and gunbelt... Pricks!
  12. looks hot dude cant wait to eventually get mine!!! How much did it cost you to get the sunroof fitted??
  13. looks like im gonna have to wait about 12 months for my FG turbo a house is alittle more important! ohhwell hopefully the time will fly by!
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