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  1. Happy Birthday majin!

  2. Happy Birthday majin!

  3. Happy Birthday majin!

  4. Happy Birthday majin!

  5. Happy Birthday majin!

  6. I'll be there! Leaving in a hour or so, my first time so can't wait!!!
  7. went down to RDP's dyno night last night! should of went earlier! Anyway, car pulled 325.9RWKW.....w000t!!!! Stoked as!
  8. I'm with you dude, I need a good detailing place! There's a place near my work, a mate works there, however they have a policy of buffing the cars before washing them Was thinking about asking them to wash the car first and stuff, there work is very good. I get special trade price of $180 for full detail. But still a bit iffy about them.
  9. Stock mate, no point in upgrading, that's what the tuner told me to. Still makes a made dose sound because of the pod filter and plumb back bov. I'd only do a bov if I was chasing 350KW+
  10. She's running like a dream, even when she was stock for a couple days the kit was great, sounds like a jet when you boot it, nice dose sound when you boot it as well. Great thing is you can't hear anything when your driving normally, but all hell breaks loose when you boot it Definitely worth every dollar, sorta wishing I got hot side piping to, but its all good. Chris is a great guy to deal with to, always willing to help out.
  11. Yes, it does make sense now. Hmm....interesting....I'm in no rush anyway! The money tree out the back yard isn't growing very good!
  12. Cheers mate!!! It does doesn't it!! Not looking at dropping it right down, just to make the guards look even with the front, see the first picture, big difference between front and back.
  13. Hey guys, finally got around to taking some photo's of the car! Had it for a year and a half now, only got the mods done few weeks ago and thought I'd post up my baby... Only thing I wanna do next is maybe lower the rear end a little bit.. I'm loving the cooler! What does everyone think?? Cheers!
  14. only got this one, getting the pipe on the fixed tomorrow to make the look even....will get more photo's up once I take them
  15. seemed like a good night! Shame I was down the coast, me thinks there should be another cruise organise!!!

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