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  1. Happy Birthday buzzin!

  2. Happy Birthday buzzin!

  3. Happy Birthday buzzin!

  4. Happy Birthday wombatG6ET!

  5. Happy Birthday Tglamo!

  6. Happy Birthday G6_Power!

  7. Happy Birthday brazam!

  8. Happy Birthday baysideboy!!

  9. Happy Birthday driftxr!

  10. Happy Birthday Scoobi!

  11. Happy Birthday buzzin!

  12. ive had my xr6t for about 1 year now, bought it 2nd hand there's a few mods that have been done to it from the last owner, so far so good if I had the money would have love to buy a tornado or phoon
  13. ive got autogauge smoke series, im happy with them and didn't have to pay for them (they used to be in my old r32)
  14. yeap same problem here, its happened twice now, cold start putting it into reverse,
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