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  1. Happy Birthday dmosconi!

  2. Happy Birthday dmosconi!

  3. Happy Birthday dmosconi!

  4. Happy Birthday dmosconi!

  5. Colour Screen Stopped Working

    Thx Guys, you would not believe it, I have tried the reset 2 or 3 times with no luck, this time I held the on/off button in for over a minute and guess what, I got a beep and all is good now, book said farken 5seconds, 5seconds my . Even the fraud service centre tried the 5second rule with no luck, just a freak thing I guess.
  6. Colour Screen Stopped Working

    Yer I tried the reset, it has made no diff, anybody got any other tricks?
  7. WA Spotted & Chit Chat Thread

    Spotted Dark Blue BF (I think) phoon in Carramar plates "JIM something", big front mount and rear twin exhaust, sounded and looked nice.
  8. Hey all, Just a quickie, I have the factory colour screen in a BF-T and it has stopped showing any information, when I turn change the volume, any fan or vent settings it comes back on for about 5 seconds then turns back off. Any idea's??
  9. WA Spotted & Chit Chat Thread

    Spotted my neighbour with his new Ferrari 340 pulling in the driveway, parking next to his wife’s new Maserati, both red, must have won lotto??? Carport door came down to quik to take pitch.
  10. Amazing riding, makes you wonder how many trashed bikes his got kicking around.
  11. Best Xr6 Turbo In The Country?

    Nice Buy, Good coinage for what’s been done to it, nicely done. It’s got a whole lot of potential, with all that suspension and brakes it’s more a circuit racer than a straight liner, no good having +400-500rwkw if you break out cornering and bang it up. But playing Devils advocate, I have looked into this, weighing up to mod or not, it’s a BA, low k’s yes, modded to the hilt with big $$$ spent yes, but, if it was to get written off, is the insurance company going to pay up? I know Shannon’s wont insure a heavily modded car without it carrying engineering certificates and it having the licensing passed as it is, with all the modds. Red book value on a 03 BA is $16-18k, could you live with losing that much $$? Myself, I have decided to upgrade to the F6 in 2010, 310kw is enough for me, only modded “T” will beat it and an occasional other car, I can live with another “T” beating it where all in the same family.
  12. New F6 Wing & Boot From Bosco

    Thanks guys I think I'm gona leave it without for a while
  13. New F6 Wing & Boot From Bosco

    Andrew, Thanks again mate.
  14. New F6 Wing & Boot From Bosco

    I had the car without the stripes for a while and although I think Bionic is one of the more in your face colours, there is just to much of it and needed some breaking up, the GT's & P achieve a good look having the stripes and I wanted something different so its just not another Bionic XR6. everyone got an opinion, like it or not.
  15. New F6 Wing & Boot From Bosco

    Yep, I do like different non factory additions to badging, I have put a turbo badge just above the XR6 badge on the side skirt, IMO it looks good.

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