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  1. OK thanks for reply. I know nothing about fixing cars but I will call my mate to help me. Is this video sort of what you're talking about? Cheers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hug0m6ehYU4
  2. I drove home tonight and parked car in driveway. I had it park and when I went to put it in reverse it went into limp mode and now is stuck on 'neutral'. The shifter slides up and down with no resistance and obviously car wont move. Im looking online that it could be the shifter cable? Does anyone have any ideas on this? bf xr6t
  3. Black number plates make a nice differece compared to the white
  4. I had something similar, turned out to be an air leak due to a loose intercooler hose. Too much air getting in and causing the engine to temporarily shut down when boost comes on. See if this thread is similar to your issue. http://www.fordxr6turbo.com/forum/topic/86242-ba-mk2-turbo-cutting-out-shaking-and-stalling/#entry1424577
  5. Mind you the ignition timing has been adjusted to suit the fuel so results im guessing wouldnt be as good in daily life.
  6. According to this test E10 is almost the same as 98 in terms of performance. Starts around 8min mark.
  7. I've had this before. Suspension needed retorquing (from memory). Mechanic tightened everything up in like 5 minutes and problem went away.
  8. Take it to Tunehouse in marrickville. That's where I used to go when I was in Sydney.
  9. I forgot to tell you that when the power cuts out and is about to stall you can put it in neutral then push the accelerator hard for a second, then as the revs come back down put it back in gear and it goes right back to normal, that way you don't have to stop in the middle of the road.
  10. Well my car shakes a lot on idle anyway because of the engine mounts so I thought it was that but maybe there's more than one issue. I did have the engine light come up but then it would go off again, so the mechanic ran the diagnostic test and said it was a wastegate code. Car is fine until boost comes on. Keen to know what you find out.
  11. Those are minor issues, watch out for the mechanics who are like sharks who want to rip you off for thousands of dollars because they assume you can afford it and because they're jealous of what you drive.
  12. Ive got the exact same problem. When you say the car was shaking after you slowed down was it shaking way more than it normally should on idle?? In my case it shakes like crazy.. mechanic said the engine mounts need to be replaced. But he also said there is an error code for the wastegate so it could be both.
  13. I've been paying my car insurance monthly and they just recently increased it by $25 a month. To be honest I didn't notice the increase initially because the letter they sent in July said something like "we'd love to have you as a customer for another 12 months.. and congratualtions you're now a ruby" I pretty much ignored the letter since it's been the same amount for the last 4-5 years. Anyway I realised today the increase today so I rang them to ask why I'm now paying more and the person couldn't give me an answer. She said "it could be your type of car is getting a stolen a lot in your area (that's BS I've never seen another xr6t around here and it's a low crime area) or it could be price increases" Duh, of course it's a price increase but WHY?? Then she said "it would have been explained in the letter sent to you" but it isn't. Actually when she said "it could be a price increase" it sounded like company jargon for "we're hiking the price for the sake of it". OK so that's my rant guys, can anyone shed any light on this for me that makes sense? Cheers.
  14. Hey thanks for the offer mate, very nice of you. Yeah I asked my mate today he reckons he did it last year so should be ok. Thanks again guys.

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