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  1. Happy Birthday Twisty!

  2. Happy Birthday Twisty!

  3. Happy Birthday Twisty!

  4. Happy Birthday Twisty!

  5. Twisty

    For Ute Lovers

    Hey guys, I have found another website, pretty much just for utes. It's called Utez.com.au Obviously not to replace this site, but just for people who share our love for utes... in all makes/models So check it out, for cruises and info for shows in relevant states. Tell them Twisty sent ya, ;-)
  6. Senuti.... it's iTunes spelt backwards and does exactly that. iPod to computer transfers, nice and easy.
  7. New England Highway is definately your best way to drive....
  8. he obviously works a long way from home...
  9. Sounds good. I've actually got the Ironman kit on order... getting it mid november as they are completely out of rear shocks. As soon as that's in I'll be fitting 32" MTZ's... then that should do me for a while, till I get exhaust and snorkel... hahaha
  10. Same here mate, I've got an 04 STR Dual Cab. Mods? Back on topic, my missus drives a '06 Lancer VRX.
  11. Twisty

    This Or That?

    Playstation PC or Mac
  12. Twisty

    This Or That?

    tan boat or jet ski?
  13. Twisty

    This Or That?

    Shorts Boat or jet ski
  14. Twisty

    This Or That?

    Park Bench Movie Cinema or childs playground
  15. Twisty

    This Or That?

    I'm not even gonna ask!! haha White In public or At home

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