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  1. Happy Birthday Falcon XR-!

  2. Happy Birthday Falcon XR-!

  3. Happy Birthday Falcon XR-!

  4. Happy Birthday Falcon XR-!

  5. Awesome XR6T! I like Can I ask what brand and size of wheels you've got there, very nice indeed.
  6. The Ford Phase Falcons of the late sixties early seventies were unique for two fundamental reasons. 1. Ford made essentially a road going race car that anyone so inclined cold buy. 2. The very same cars made racing history dominating the local touring car and general motor sport scene. Completely different time indeed. So I guess you could say current day Ford Australia have a fair task in front of them to produce a car of similar possibilities.
  7. +1 Very nice . Ford don't have a wagon that could offer the same FPV potential. I believe the VE wagon has the same wheel base as the VE sedan.
  8. Interesting read, thanks for posting. I'm wondering where the factory air box gets its cool air from. The original cold air snorkel seems to be missing?
  9. I'd say there are a lot of potential customers watching this thread...... Perhaps the various tune shops should be the one's to comment here?
  10. Surely there has to be solid performance figures available from the major players? If not then it's nothing more then bench racing........ what a depressing thought. Nobody would seriously consider a purchase based on wishful thinking?
  11. senna_T, I'm looking at RAPIDS stuff at the moment, you're right we certainly are spoilt for chioce. Thanks for the input, much appreciated. I'm just wondering if RAPIDS cooler may be a little too big for my requirements? Tab, pm sent to Paul@elite and am awaiting reply. Cheers for the link. BA_XR6Turbo_Ute, it would seem Elite have a great rep, look forward to speaking with them. What have you had done to your ute? tonester, thanks mate, that's exactly the sort of info I'm after. I've had thoughts of replacing the cat with a more efficient product, perhaps a 3 1/2" Metal Cat. Little scary to hear about the flex plate bolts, what were the symptoms? How have you found the transformation in performance? Any cons or reservations from upgrading to this power level? Oh, is yours an auto or manual? Thanks again guys for the info, much appreciated. Adrian
  12. The Phoon rims look Where are you getting them from? Do you have a link??? Price is definitely right! Very nice ride by the way.
  13. Wow, thanks for all the replies I went for a quick run over to Elite however they were closed, no dramas at least I know where they are now. I know Elite are site sponsors, how come no Elite forum? I'll get in touch via email. I'm really relieved to hear drivability and general car manners are unaffected if not improved via a custom tune, outstanding. Guess I wont be needing my box of Holley jets or power valves any more LOL. I'll keep an eye out for the next Brissy cruise and will tag along, be a great chance to chat with those that "have been there and done that" as well as admire some nice cars. It seems as though an after market intercooler will be beneficial, what are the main considerations when looking for one. I'd like to use the car at sprint events (Queensland raceway) as well as having fun at the strip (Willowbank raceway) so will this have any bearing on choice? One thing I have noticed with the larger intercoolers is they appear to block a lot of the in coming air that would seem to be required to keep the engine temps cool. Is this correct or am I miles of the mark here? Anyway, that's enough for now. Thanks again for the warm welcome. Cheers Adrian
  14. G’day all, Thought it was about time to finally pop in and say hi. I’ve been reading and generally enjoying this great site for some time, plenty of helpful info on one of fords best products (XR6 Turbo of course). I’ve a BF mkII XR6T in Ego with the six speed auto (pic attached) and am really enjoying it. After reading all the exciting mods people have been doing to these things I’ve been contemplating an upgrade. So to start, what I’d like to know is the difference in general engine performance between the BF Typhoon and XR6T. Apart from the intercooler and second intake is it just the engine management system that makes the difference or is there more to it? It seems the Typhoons respond a little better to upgrades then the XR6T from what I can gather and I’m wondering why? What I’d ideally like to do is upgrade the performance of my XR6T to Typhoon standards for starters. I’m not really into the bling stuff and to be honest would prefer to keep as much of the OEM equipment as is practical (now I’m showing my age LOL). Also recommendations on custom tuners in the Brisbane area would be much appreciated. Finally, it seems a lot of the modification focus is rear wheel kilowatts increases, how does this relate to real world performance such idle quality, drivability and fuel economy. I’m trying to get a better understanding of how e.g. 300rwkw relates to the real world driving experience. If a standard XR6T is capable of a high thirteen quarter at roughly 100mph then 300rwkw must equate to a mid 12 at perhaps 115mph depending on available grip? Would this performance level bring with it associated compromises in general drivability? Questions, questions, so many questions……… :D Cheers Adrian
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