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  1. Happy Birthday BF_Turbo!

  2. Happy Birthday BF_Turbo!

  3. Happy Birthday BF_Turbo!

  4. Happy Birthday BF_Turbo!

  5. Xr6 Owners On Facebook

    I've a revolver with 1 spare round you can borrow..
  6. Xr6 Owners On Facebook

    someone posted it, thanks for doing it I've joined the group.. Why must people pick apart everything... lately all this forum is about is making a post and copping heat for whatever it is you post.. it will end up that no one will post here except the people doing the flaming.... Thanks again for bringing it to our attention. IF you don't want in then don't join, no need to make him feel like a worthless POS. It also gives props to this site..
  7. Motorbike Riders

    Riding a bike myself, we don't want to get into the stupid things that drivers of cars do.... suddenly when on a bike your invisible, even at a round a bout.. its like u just don't exist even though your approaching straight into their side they still look past you to the next car.
  8. Whats It Worth

    Wanna go to the beach again
  9. Whats It Worth

    Just a question I've got a late 05 BF XR6T manual in bionic, 27,000kms, std sound, darkest tint, 19inch RJR chopper wheels, tuned at elite 275rwkw, wog cooler, PP Auto tripod and guages ( AFR, Boost, oil press.).. No dings/scratches.. Whats your thoughts on $$ private and also $$ on trade..
  10. Central Qld

    Yeah Marcus and I are good mates.... He's starting holidays on wed, and picking up his new VE uterus..
  11. Central Qld

    Yerp, juzz chilling in biloela, drill and blast engineering at Dawson Mine in moura..
  12. Central Qld

    hey bro.. its me Jeremy from leading edge...
  13. How Much Oil

    hehe thanks anyway.. job done a few weeks ago
  14. Central Qld

    I got my work done at Elite in brisbane... Very good service and very happy with the work they did.. I will defintaley go back for my future upgrades.
  15. Central Qld

    I lived in emerald the previous 5yrs to here.. nothing but flat straight roads lol...

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