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  1. Awesome. Looking forward to getting them and getting on with the power mods. Thanks heaps for organising this Steph.
  2. Hi Straughsberry, Is it too late to jump onboard? If I can have a set of 6, please let me know and I'll transfer the money asap. Thanks Si.
  3. Add one more for the next group buy. Hopefully soon :)
  4. I have the VHub Pro which allows up to 3 or 4 video inputs. You have the video feed go to the screen and then run the stock dash feed to the vhub. the vhub then controls what is displayed on the screen and you can switch between the vhub display and the stock display with the 'orb'. The pro model allows you to add a DVD player, Digital TV and GPS. Alpine Vhub You may not be able to do this with the standard vhub version. Peter from Platinum car audio in sydney did mine and a few others, you might need to ask a pro installer.
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