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  1. Happy Birthday bigfulla!

  2. hi there guy's, is there an after market fuel filter out there ? like a deisel filter with a water trap window and if so will it restrict my fuel pressure as I am running around 300rwkws in my ute ? any info would be great. thanks regards.
  3. hi there guy's , just a quick question ? can a standard fuel pump play up ? like sometimes work to it's full speed and other times run half fuel volume and cause fuel starving problem or does it work or not type deal. thanks regards
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  5. hi there, I forgot to add that the ute has only 13,400 klm's from new as I only use it selected weekends only..
  6. hi again, thanks for your input , I was wondering about the fuel pump so I got a WALBRO GSS 342 FUEL PUMP , but I thought that the fuel pump either worked or stopped no in between ? that's why I haven't fitted the new pump as yet ? anyway I might just bite the bullet and fit it and it will eliminate the pump from the list.. thanks regards bigfulla...
  7. Hi there guy's , I have an xr6 turbo ute manual 2005 running 300 rwkw and it's been going great but for the last few weeks it's been running like it is starving for fuel so replaced the fuel filter and that seem to fix it for about a week ? it's like when you go to take off you have to use about three quater thottle and when it's going you have to back off or it will take off on you and if you try and rev it up it just starts to go and then dies off , it seems like fuel is the problem but where to start ? and just yesterday I went for a run and it went great , it's got me, I am more the old sc
  8. hi there , I have an ba mk11 xr6turbo ute 2005 , and I need to know how much lph my standard fuel pump puts out ? as I need to upgrade and I don't know how far to go?? thanks any info would be great.
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