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  1. Happy Birthday Dyno Junkie!

  2. Happy Birthday Dyno Junkie!

  3. Happy Birthday Dyno Junkie!

  4. Happy Birthday Dyno Junkie!

  5. Not mine. Ours is Silhouette with factory body kit and rear spoiler lowered on 20" Strong chrome wheels.
  6. Hi xrlook, My mods are fairly simple, but work well. Back in 2009, when it first ran in the 11's, it had the following; Process West front mount intercooler Xspeed stainless steel pipe work Process West/Xspeed inlet plenum Xspeed top mount air box, this sits on top of the engine in place of the factory intercooler HKS SQV blow off valve 3" metal cat with Cebu GED exhaust Injectors and Xspeed 15.5 psi tune
  7. Disregarding the spikes in the graph, it's making a bit over 300AWKW. Will run low 12's and may get into the high 11's. With 321AWKW I ran 11.88 @116mph
  8. I wish you well in your endeavour to make into the 10's. Of the few that have made it into the 11's several have broken the input shaft of the ZF.
  9. Built engine is not really needed, as the gearbox input shaft will fail long before the motor will.
  10. Hi Stocka, I think you are closer to 365KW. Our TTG dynoed at 321AWKW and ran 11.8 @ 116mph at 5005lbs. Using the Moroso calculator that works out at 605HP which is pretty close to 450KW.
  11. Not quite correct. All BA - BF and Territory Turbos use the same size turbo along with FG F6. However the FG G6ET & XR6T have a smaller compressor housing.
  12. ZF automatics, which are all wheel drive, run 3.46:1 gears. BW automatics use 4.1:1 gears.
  13. I ran 11.88 seconds still using the factory fuel pump. That translates to 605 flywheel horsepower. Do I still use the factory fuel pump.............................no.
  14. Don't forget the light blue paint on the intercooler cover and rocker cover
  15. Originally ran Hankooks, now using Khumo.
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