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  1. Happy Birthday ETM!

  2. Happy Birthday ETM!

  3. Happy Birthday ETM!

  4. ETM

    Happy Birthday ETM!

  5. ETM

    Happy Birthday ETM!

  6. Are you still selling the Turbo Oil Line Kit (with filter)?


  7. ETM


    VNT turbos have been around for years and do work well but they are not generally available in larger sizes, I know that mercedes sprinter vans have been running them for years with good results but I cannot see them taking over the performance scene anytime in the near future. How VNT™ Works - Honeywell Turbo Technologies.
  8. if you must the only option is to fit the t04z front wheel to a gt35 turbo, anything else isnt worth the hassle.
  9. Haha the old garden hose theory! Basically by the time you engineered a turbo with bigger wheels to fit inside a gt35 you could have paid for a manifold etc and had a proper setup. This is without even considering that once you did squeeze the bigger internals into the gt35 that the housing and stock manifold would become so much of a restriction that it would basically negate any gains that you would see. The end result would be lots of lag with not much power increase and you would be a very disapointed camper. My back to back testing on only 10 psi showed that the stock manifold is costing 12% power as it is, the more power you make the more power it will cost you so trying to cheat the system so to speak simply does not work.
  10. I can do you one for $1950
  11. To answer your first question, the engines last a long time, the turbo will last 200,000klm+ if you keep a steady stream of clean oil upto it. As for the rest of your post, that must be some good sh*t youre smokin lol.
  12. I have downloaded that file and it still wont work without an installation cd for some reason, I will just buy a card reader.
  13. It does auto detect the camera when I plug it in but it wont download pics, keeps asking for the installation cd which does not have vista. I have also been to the site that bensxr6t posted and downloaded the first file but still nothing. I think the card reader may be my best bet but I never get a chance to get to the shops lol.
  14. Basically I am at my wits end trying to find a driver for my canon eos 300d camera to suit windows vista 32 bit. Any help from one of you tech guru's (and I know you're out there will be much appreciated. Cheers Leigh
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