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  1. Happy Birthday BuNtEr!

  2. Happy Birthday BuNtEr!

  3. Happy Birthday BuNtEr!

  4. Happy Birthday BuNtEr!

  5. BuNtEr

    F.t.f Car Show...nsw...

    only a few sleeps to go so far so good, hey BFhoon come join uson the day, same with you fordfreak matt or have you sold your sole to the dvdal matt lol.
  6. BuNtEr

    F.t.f Car Show...nsw...

    here is the update. here is the new flyer as the title states, Fords In The Park has been rained out. with all the rain we've had over the weekend in Sydney, Darvall park has been declared a no go zone. so with that in mind, we have postponed the show. Fords In The Park will now be on Sunday the 22nd of March 2009 at Darvall Park, Chatham Rd Denistone (next to the bowling club) Again, we are sorry for any inconvenience cuased and hope to see you at Fords In The Park.
  7. BuNtEr

    Members Out West

    Copy Royce thanks for that mate
  8. BuNtEr

    F.t.f Car Show...nsw...

    Hig guys seems that the weather is playing its part, I got an SMS from the clubb letting me know, that the show for this sunday has been called off, till the 22nd of march 1 month from this sunday. I will know for sure tonight then I will post uo what I know. hey royce come and join the show when it comes time also ring me I need to have a chat with you and catch up been a while.
  9. BuNtEr

    Members Out West

    I have seen that ba xr8 with the shaker, that bloke used to own a v8 with a shaker before he got the ba. cant miss my place I have all the CB antennas up high in my roof near colman street.
  10. BuNtEr

    Members Out West

    lets just say I made a mistake buy doing the right thing. you know me matt
  11. BuNtEr

    Members Out West

    Was and will never ever make that stupid mistake ever again. (fordmods that is)
  12. BuNtEr

    Members Out West

    yep very close we call that Hindo hill not mays hill lol
  13. BuNtEr

    Members Out West

    South whentworthvill/Mays Hill Almost across the road from the old Parramatta wreakers almost 19years now. ANd hello Fordfreak Matt

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