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  1. Happy Birthday Boony_1981!

  2. Happy Birthday Boony_1981!

  3. Happy Birthday Boony_1981!

  4. Happy Birthday Boony_1981!

  5. 10psi Tune And Wheelspin

    HAHA, nice :D I have tried easing off the throttle until 4000rpm but it just isn't the same.
  6. 10psi Tune And Wheelspin

    Does anyone know if there is a way that a tuner can tune the boost so that it gradually comes onto boost at around 2500rpm and then goes up to full boost (rather than all boost coming on in one big lump at 3000rpm)? At the moment I'm running a 10psi tune with 259rwkw and as soon as the car hits 3000rpm in first and second gear all I get it a large amount of wheelspin. The stock dunlop tyres probably don't help either.
  7. Water Problem Under Glove Box

    How about water coming out from the centre console and dripping down to the drivers feet? I went for a 2 hour drive and had the air-con on the whole way. About an hour into the drive I took a hard left hand corner and a river of water came from the centre console and dripped out onto my feet for about 15 seconds and then stopped. I got out and checked that the air-con drain was not blocked because it was dripping out a steady rate onto the road. Same thing happened on the 2 hour drive back home too. Any suggestions?....Other than not taking hard left hand corners anymore and not using the air-con anymore!
  8. Weird Miss Under Load!

    I had a problem similar to that. I got Ford to install another ECU and the car worked fine after that.
  9. Edit Problems

    The fix was a new ford ECU worth about $1300
  10. 2nd Hand Capa Flasher

    About $1300.....I forked that out about 2 months ago
  11. 2nd Hand Capa Flasher

    I'm pretty sure the capa tuner will still be locked with the VIN number of the other car. If you connect it up it probably won't do anything because it will detect that it has been attached to a different car. I bought mine 2nd hand and it definately needed a reset to remove the old VIN from it.
  12. Edit Problems

    Good news everyone! I finally have the car back and with a 10psi custom edit!!! Very happy with the results too, power went from 217rwkw stock to 259rwkw. I'm even getting wheel spin in 1st and 2nd when the turbo kicks in! This is great, I highly recommend a custom tune to everyone
  13. Edit Problems

    Bad news everyone! 2 weeks after getting my new PCM fitted by ford I am back to where I was before.....no boost, even feels like the car is choking when suppose to hit boost. The car was working quite well after the new computer got put it, it even did 217rwkw stock. So here I am 2 weeks later and I haven't even got my flash tuner back from CAPA yet (it was getting cleared due to the new PCM in the car) and the car is running like a dog. Time to go back to ford tomorrow and get up 'em. And to top it all off, whilst my car was at ford the front and rear bumpers have some really big scratches that they now have to fix up as well. God I love ford service!
  14. Edit Problems

    Yes the computer is not physically faulty but the car is now 4.5 years old and out of warranty. The computer wasn't computing the data from the throttle correctly.
  15. Edit Problems

    After 3 months and a stack of money later, the problem was a faulty PCM (ECU) unit.....which is gonna cost me another $1300 to fix by Ford.

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